Sharon suggested we sketch our holiday cookies/baking. I made these chocolate truffles yesterday… for the weekend…for our daughter who’s coming home for the weekend. Recipe here.

Done in micro pen no 8, WC and gold ink for the gold leaf on the truffle and the “glitter”.


Everybody is so full of cheer and Christmas spirit…it is contagious. So here is a “corner” of our Christmas tree this year, which is a dry tree full of moss, that Hartman went to “pick up” for me by the Loire river. All the decorations are in shades of grey, white and silver.

Done in micro pen,WC,  silver gouache(for the angels hair and glitter) and silver leaf for the decorations.


The first image is a photograph, of which my lighting wasn’t good enough and I didn’t compensate for the colour reflection, therefore the “blue look”, but it shows the silver better than the scan (second image), where the colours are more true and the paper nice and white.


20 thoughts on “Chocolate truffles and a corner of the Christmas tree

  1. I love those little splashes, like loose cocoa powder . Your truffles look exeedingly chocolatey! I really like the scan and photo together, they give a better idea of what the artwork actually looks like – which must be glorious!

  2. How beautifully Christmassy it all looks! You are always way ahead of me during this season. I especially like your treatment of the tree branch – your style in ink suits the subject so well – but then again, those truffles look pretty good!

  3. GORGEOUS, Ronell! I love the middle photo where the silver just shines on my screen! and What an incredible gift — those truffles AND the sketch of them! LOVE your tree!!!!

  4. Oh this is so beautiful. The photo is stunning and would make a lovely christmas card. I’m very impressed with the use of real pieces of shiny paper – it adds such a special ingredient to the picture.

  5. I swear I can taste the coco on those truffles, Ronell. Love your arrangement of coloured spoons. Your Christmas tree is a work of art and your sketch lovely. I have a romantic mental image of Hartman trudging through the mist at the edge of the river, hunting for your tree.
    Your touches of gold and silver leaf would put me in the mood too, if only I had an ordered environment. Enjoy your family weekend.

  6. Oh my goodness! Your tree sketches are simply stunning. They couldn’t get any looser, and yet they are so coherent. Simply fabulous.

  7. Simply grand Ronell, the truffles are very YOU and the tree is bedazzling – love the silver affect with the pen workAND watercolor ! A perfect threesome!

  8. I love the colour on the truffles, your use of colour is so assured. I’m just starting to play with watercolours, and getting loose is definitely going to be the toughest part for me. Yours are an inspiration…

  9. The truffles look absolutely tempting. And, Ronell, the Christmas decorations painting depicts winter wonderland to me. Love the silvery parts.

  10. The truffles are wonderful and look delicious, but the tree limb is just magical. Gorgeous! I think your home must be especially warm and beautiful during the holiday season.

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