Two things I always have to do when I go up to Paris. I have to say hi to the Eiffel tower and I have to go visit the jardin de Luxembourg. It has become my two love affairs over the years. So what could be more appropriate than showing off the signs everywhere to be found in le jardin de Luxembourg.

..signs in le jardin de Luxembourg..

Pentel brush pen and watercolour in S&B sqketchbook, 14X21.6 cm

signs luxembourgCats have more than six senses, I am sure. As soon as I start sketching them, they become uncomfortable and move away. Just sometimes I can catch enough on paper to present a recognizable sketch.

..a sleeping Tokala..

coloured pilot pens in S&B sketchbook, 22.9×15.2 cm


6 thoughts on “EDM – art 26 & 27: A sign & something furry.

  1. You are really on a roll, Ronelle– I am loving every EDM sketch that you are doing. The signs and trees are so great. And that CAT…..You are so right, they won’t settle very long for being stared at–not even with a camera, let along a sketch. And not even when they are asleep…But this is a gorgeous cat. You captured him, anyway.

  2. Such fabulous sketches Ronelle, I love the light playful feel of them and all so personal to you. I have baled out – cutting and pasting what I wrote on one of Liz’s posts:… ‘I have to say I got really irritated ‘having’ to draw random objects every day, some uninspiring. Having a personal response to each subject definitely helped, but some I just couldn’t dredge one up! But what it did do is make me realise what I really want to be doing, which is be in my studio, finally working on some paintings that have been floating around my head for a while now. So it was a positive force in clarifying that, though I feel the guilt pangs for ditching a project half way through! It is a wonderful tool for new sketchers, or for ones who haven’t done it for years.’
    So that’s where I am – but great to see what everyone else is doing when I take a break!

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