I sat on the terrace of Café Douceur this afternoon and while sipping my coffee, I sketched the street. My pen ran dry on my halfway through the sketch, which resulted in some thin, scratchy lines. I hope the colourful splashes watercolor make up for it..

..street in Beulieu sur dordogne – close up 1..

Pen and watercolor in Stillman & Birn, alpha series sketchbook, 22.9X15.2 cm

street beaulieu &

..street in Beulieu sur dordogne – close up 2..

street beaulieu 2

..street in Beaulieu sur dordogne..

Streetscene from Cafe douceur

And lastly some people sketching..done on Fabriano artistico watercolor block, 27X18cm

two men

à la prochaine.


9 thoughts on “Sketching a streetscene in Beaulieu sur dordogne.

  1. Ronelle, these sketches are so wonderful. What a joy it must be to be in the present and capture it so beautifully!

  2. So delightful, Ronelle. I always love your buildings and streets. Love the colors and the washes with which you fill them. These just light up the pages.

  3. Love your work!
    I’ll be in Dordogne next week at Saint Avit de Seigneur. My inlaws have a house there. Lovely place.
    Keep up the beautifulness!

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    1. Kathryn..thank you very much! Enjoy your time at St avit de Seigneur, it is a beautiful area and our weatyher is turning for the better so you will enjoy a lovely French spring too.

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