Today was a tired day, even though the sky was blue and bright. Can’t explain it. It is just how it is some days.

..Typical houses around here…shops down below and the living is done upstairs, with volets(shutters), not my favorite thing to paint!

les volets 3396x4609

..done with rotring art pen in contour quick lines, while waiting for my lunch of  duck and salad to show up. Added a light wash over some of the  lines, and there you have it. a sketch..

comptoir 3452x4674

7 thoughts on “August sketching 5: more shutters and the barcounter.

  1. Love your work. Can you tell me what color red you use for most of the roofs you paint. It looks like an italian red? Thank you. Ann

    1. Hi ann…I replied to you in an emlail..hope you received it…but just for the sake of others who are interested in your question too…I usually use a mix of cadmium red, and burnt sienna;
      I will do a post soon on reds and their hues etc.

  2. Love your watercolour expression, it has details in every casual-looked brush stroke. I really enjoying this kinda of style.

    Anyhow, hope you’re refreshing up and feeling good again~

  3. Love all these sketches you’re doing. thanks for the tip on the red you use for roofs. I’m struggling to get the effect I want. I’ll try your mix.

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