Sundays we spend either at a brocante or at the market in St. Cér2..and coffee and croissant of course! Today was market day in St. Céré with coffee. It was a crazy rainy day with the sun coming out every hour for 10 minutes before it came pouring down again. We sat at the corner café and while I sketched, mon chéri worked(played chess, I think!!) on his computer. I was happy with the sketch I did in pencil. I should’ve only added pen and be done with it, but I couldn’t resist adding watercolour and it all changed…pity.

..pen and watercolor in Derwent artist’s sketchbook, 140x210cm..

St Céré aquarelle


The scene from our table over the heads of other coffee drinkers…

marché à St. Céré 4259x2790..and the sketch halfway done, after the watercolor wadded but before the pen lines were added.

marché St. Cére 2 3330x2660

à demain


4 thoughts on “Sketching in august 3: Market scene.

  1. I hope you know how much i love your posts.
    All treasures..i think i would do this all day if i could do it like you.
    Sounds envious..I mean it in a nice way…
    Heck..i am envious.There you have it!
    Do you know Rita? She loves doing this also.
    It is such a gift.

  2. Like Monique I too can’t wait to see your posts, especially when it’s such fabulous detailed ones like you’re showing. I evidently don’t see what you see. I would see all that hustle & bustle and think it was too much going on to sketch. I think I need to be a lot more adventurous and come out of my comfort zone.

    1. Thank you Babarba…
      I also thought initially there’s too much going on, but I just jumped in and as you go along, your eye gets used to it and you start sorting out. you should do it…go to your local bar and just start with drawing in public..easy things.

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