I haven’t done urban sketching for quite some time. Since we have arrived here at our farm, Coin Perdu, I have mainly been doing plein air painting in the countryside or food sketches, which go with my foodblog, Myfrenchkitchen. I also mainly work on watercolor blocks, because I use a lot of water and pigment which mix directly on the paper and with a sketchbook, I have to wait quite a while before I can turn the page to do a new sketch. With the watercolor block I just ear off the paper, set it aside to dry and start a new sketch. Later I bind the sketches together. Funny thing is, people are more interested in buying the quick sketches than completed paintings, so in that sense a block works much better ( except for me, because being the total useless business person I am, I just give them away for free, thinking I can’t possibly charge money for a sketch? Well, as long as it brings that person joy, then it is OK. But…somewhere I have to draw the line though…)

So, I will get back to making my own proper sketchbooks with Arches HP paper. I have also ordered a few new sketchbooks.

The sketch below was done this morning (on Arches watercolor block, HP) in the company of friends at the market, which I found quite distracting, not being used to sketching with all that buzz around me anymore. The old buildings in France are wonky by default and below my faulty perspective makes it even worse…but for the most part, I am quite happy with this sketch after such a long dry spell.

..centre ville Beaulieu s/D..

aquarelle on Arches wartercolor block, HP, 18x26cm

aquarelle - centre ville beaulieu 6018x4216 6018x4216

..à bientôt


6 thoughts on “Centre ville de Beaulieu s/D – sketch

  1. Lovely, Ronelle. I bought some books at the Isle-sur-Sorgue market last year and rebound them with watercolor paper. Just the size and paper I wanted, so I got some more this year. How do you make yours?

    1. Thank you Mary ann.
      I remember your books you bought at the brocante..I followed your trip and truly enjoyed it…as is the same with the one you are doing now..
      I actually enjoy the concertina style sketchbook, which is easy and quick to make…the longest and most difficult is the cover, which I make using board and linen and then glue the outside pages of the concertina to the insides of the cover. When I unpack the storage, I will show ..or when I make my new ones.
      I have made the traditional stitched sketchbooks, but it is too time consuming for me, so I have a bookbinder who makes it for me.
      To put together the pages from the block, I simply cut strips of tape, or linen, or thin watercolor paper and paste them together in a concertina style and then add the cover. I might just show that process too when I get around to doing it…high time I do, because there are too many lying around scattered all over!

  2. I would LOVE to see your process..
    More pressing is my need to tell you how I love this work..
    Never ever underestimate the joy your works bring!
    From brown paper package art:) To your other art work that is loved it and kept and cherished.

  3. Well, I think the sketchy ink lines, with the light watercolour on top perfectly convey the idea of old, wonky buildings. The result is just lovely. But I can understand that working with distracting friends around is not ideal – I also prefer to draw and paint when I’m alone.

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