With this first post on Africantapestry, I wish you all a great year!

Yesterday I gave my art students some feathers to draw. They are beginners in drawing and I was highly impressed by the result. This afternoon I thought I should do a sketch of the same feathers. My geese and chickens aren’t shedding feathers at the moment and I dug into the chicken coop to find some decent ones..well, with some imagination they could come close to decent…But it actually made for an interesting challenge. We always think of a feather being perfect and pretty and soft..these were torn and scruffy and quite dirty and they smelled like chicken..


..Three feathers…

Pen and aquarelle in watercolour sketchbook, HP, 18x26cm


OK. Now that the ice is broken for 2014..let’s get out and (do) and see art, like my friend Theresa Andreas O’leary at Andreas art studio likes to say!

à bientôt


3 thoughts on “Three feathers in pen and aquarelle.

  1. aloha Ronelle – the interesting thing with broken feathers is that there is often a different story in them—sometimes easily seen and often more intriguing than the story in a perfect feather. i think some of that comes out in your sketch. i like that. aloha.

  2. I wish I lived near enough to be in your art class. But I’m so pleased you showed the feathers that you’ve sketched painted, as on my walk this morning I found a feather from a large bird, which I brought home to make an attempt at sketching it & add a little watercolour, Hope I can show some feeling in my sketch as Rick from the above comment has mentioned.about yours 🙂

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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