With all this beauty in September, shouldn’t I be out there..sketching and painting? Of course. And that is the plan.

Today delivered this artichoke. The last one which were left to flower. The others have already gone completely dry, but that reminds me too much of endings, which I don’t want yet, so let’s stick with the flowery one.

..The last artichoke..

Watercolour and pen on watercolor block, HP, 18X26 cm.

artichaut en aquarelle

If I can keep it up..my self discipline I mean, I’ll produce a painting and sketch every day for this September, starting today. Even though it is still summer, there are already trees in the forest which are turning slightly yellow and the all greens with the touches of yellow are quite spectacular. The ferns in the forest are also turning into magnificent yellows, while they are still beautiful strong plants, not wilted or dead. The fields have been cut for hay and are pushing the last stretch of greens,which turn them into patches of greens and beiges, with the cattle still grazing…beautiful views.

à demain(until tomorrow)



5 thoughts on “September art – 1(the last artichoke)

  1. I’ve just had a glorious week in Vancouver and already some trees were colouring;more to do with hot,dry summer, but enough Fall tints to make it beautiful.No sketching, but the camera was constantly working!

  2. I will be here:)
    No one splatters like you do..
    I just did a watercolor out back and it is apalling:(
    C’est beau Ronelle..
    Super!Tu es si douée.

  3. à Anonymous..thank you very much…if you don’t harvest the fruit in summer, and leave them, they flower beautifully.

    à Dianne.. I have never been to Vancouver, but would love to go! Happy you made the camera work!

    à Monique..merci beaucoup, t’es trop gentille! Et crois moi, je jête beaucoup plus que je garde..some real “apalling” ones, as you call it…c’est normal. I have already seen your watercolors and I think they are lovely! T’es douée aussi, toi!

    Thank you!

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