The tulips I brought back from Amsterdam last year are all in bloom, except for 3 Allium bulbs that I lost to greedy rabbits. I picked all white bulbs and got  big surprise when a few of the carefully picked white bulbs turned out to be a bright sunny yellow! That is OK. Oh well,  I am not too angry. Seeing that we are still wearing winter clothes and waiting for spring weather, I can only imagine the yellow was chosen by fate to uplift my spirit..some very welcome sunshine in a tulip!

As usual, I wait until the very last to get something done..including sketching the tulips. The yellow ones lost all their petals today, except for one lonely one, hanging on a few petals only for my benefit. While mon chéri saw to diner, I took the opportunity to sketch these tulips, before the fat lady had finally sung. I made it just in time…all the yellow petals are gone..

tulipes- yellow  4424x4451

The white tulips are still flowering happily and elegant in their waving. I am not a huge tulip fan and never had many in my gardens, but I have to admit that they do make for a spectacular show en masse!

tulipes -white 4404x4460

à bientôt


6 thoughts on “A sunshine tulip and white sketches.

  1. I am learning online how to paint tulips:)

    A little class for me..

    This is great!
    Toi.. c’est de l’’est wannabe.

  2. Only the very, very early tulips are blooming here but not the big ones yet. I do love tulips and I think they make one of the best subjects to paint.

    Your sketches are lovely!

  3. It brings happiness to my day when you post your sketches, recipes…anything. A while back photographed lilacs…ah, such memories from when we lived in western USA and had many lilac trees in our yard. There was even a Lilac Park that held a festival when their many varieties of lilacs were in full bloom. Now we live in the SE of USA and lilacs do not grow well. THank you for taking the time to photograph or sketch these beautiful moments in your life. smiles: sharon

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