I took today off…apart from making my bed, I decide I am doing nothing else today. In terms of working that is. So I dressed myself pretty, put on some make up, which I haven’t done in ages. A dash of perfume…well OK, that I do every day, even when feeding the horses. But you know what I mean. A day where I ignore all kinds of  “must do” lists and let the day run free. Yes, I know, I’m fortunate to be able to do it.

…market day in Beaulieu sur Dordogne…

pen and watercolor on Fabriano watercolor paper, HP, 18x24cm

So I took off to Beaulieu, not to open my gallery, on the contrary, I hung a notice…”gone painting” on the door. which is of course not the truth. I had many coffees, chatted with friend and foe, shopped at the market, ate a delicious “flamiche au saumon”, I paged through the cote Sud and cote Est and Cote Ouest, found inspiration and new ideas, and yes. I caught a sketch. Of the market. While sipping my third coffee.

12 thoughts on “Sketch of a market day in Beaulieu sur dordogne.

  1. I love this sketch! It is so vibrant and full of life. I am always so hung up on my art being perfect that somehow manage to miss the freedom and fluidity of it all. My art has a tendency to lack something, something that this sketch is full of! 😀

    I am creating more and more art though, and I am becoming more pleased with my creations everyday. It’s amazing how differently I create art when I am just creating to create, vs. creating “because”. The best moments happen when I manage to agree upon a combination of both. Those moments when I can’t fight to urge to pick up my paintbrush but I know exactly what I want to paint or draw.

  2. I agree with the first comment – it is so vibrant – and I, too, get so caught up in trying to make my sketches perfect, they lose spontaneity and life! This is everything I want me sketches and paintings to be.

    …and what a great day you had! I want to be you in my next life! 🙂 What fun you have.


  3. I’m intrigued about your Atelier. How are you finding the commitment? I just put up the ‘Open’ flag when I’m in. Now getting more summer weather so people are out and about.
    Just love this sketch.
    I’m taking a Sketch Club group during the local Art Festival and may make it a regular thing. Think it could be something I will enjoy – just a small group in the Studio, and around the area.
    Hugs, Erin

  4. Thank you all!

    Erin…I am admitting that it is difficult…I find that the gallery puts a strain on my art making, because I’ve become a “galleriste”/artseller instead of being a painter/artmaker and that wasn’t my goal. so I don’t think I will keep it going for long.

  5. A gorgeous market scene, I feel so lucky to have experienced one of those recently and this is a happy reminder – glad you took a good long coffee break!

  6. Great sketch! C’est gai et plein de vie! From what you say you didn’t do nothing, you had a very busy (and fun) day! That’s exactly what we feel on the sketch!

  7. Wow!! You sure are blessed! God has gifted your hands, and your soul… to be able to see so much beauty, and recreate it in your own special way to share it with the world !!!
    I am ill and in bed now for a few days. Today I had the joy of stumbling into your art collection by accident… You sure brought back light, and color…and even sunshine to my dark days!
    As I lie down here admiring your paintings, I can’t help getting overwhelmed and tears roll down my face!
    What beautiful paintings!
    I particularly love your watercolors (with pen and pencil too 🙂 …)
    I’m in awe!!
    Willow 🙂

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