Our July here in France was spent under umbrellas. Rain. Morning, noon and night. Not enough to lift the drought but enough to deprive us of of summer. No, I don’t complain. I’m fully aware that if I were in charge, the apocalypse would be immediate.

But there is  still a way to enjoy summer. Of course! Sunflowers!


…front page of card to vivien…

…inside page of card to Vivien…

11 thoughts on “Summer sunflowers.

  1. So fun to receive an update from you. I think we all have sunflowers on our minds. I finally had to cut down our ten foot sunflowers, the tornado like winds, ants, etc. took their toll. But they were a joy while they lasted..and now the seeds can be saved for next year and to feed the birds. I love your lightly worked sunflowers…the first one is stunning with the purple /blue contrast. Delightful. Hope to see more sketches in the near future.

  2. I’m so sorry that your July was so rainy. Here, it was HOT. So hot we broke records. Sunflowers always make me smile and your beautiful card did just that! I love the envelope – that sunflower looks like it is dancing 🙂

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