My favourite stopping corner was here at the koi pond. Its tranquility and the elegance of the kois in their ballets seduced me into seating myself on the rock by the edge early every morning, staring at them endlessly, sipping my kona coffee.. the world was still quiet when I softly spoke to them, telling them my schedule for the day. Joking about their pouting lips searching for a delicacy. And then I’d sketch them. Snap them. Photo’s galore. They enjoyed posing and pirouetted spontaneously only for me.

hawaii koi fish

Voila some stops on my walks. Colourful canoes on the lagoon. Elegant flamingoes. Impressive statues. I could probably have stopped more often to sketch, but a big part of the allure of Hawai’i is in the reflecting and quiet time, staring into distance. Quiet and still. Watching waves break. Listening to the wind rustling through the palms. Being entranced by the play of light on the shallow waters by the shore. Waiting along with the surfers for that next big one. Feeling that drop of sweat trickling down your back, telling you it’s time to move on. People who don’t do that, miss out.

In this quiet time in still corners of the island, away from people, in solitude with only the wind and the ocean as company, I have succeeded in solving issues, finding peace in who I am and how I am. It gave me acceptance with roads I will be following from now on. It gave me breathing space and freedom to come to terms with bridges that were burnt. I imagine I gave it all up to the waves and the ocean, while the soft touch of the breezes swept me clean from disappointments and sadness and just maybe the whisper of the palms filled me with optimism and a strong spirit. I look forward to tomorrow.


hawaii canoes


hawaii flamingoes


hawaii statues

Because I enjoyed the koi fish so much, and because I have these millions of photos of them(almost), I thought to share them with you, offering them(like with the sunflowers) to those who so desire, to download and paint, paint paint them! Throw the photo’s together and compose a watercolour or pastel, or oil or drawing.  Make marks…they are wonderful to paint and play around with. Look at the water as well…lovely shapes and colour. Great movement.  Here are some close ups as well as general shots.  So. I invite you  to enjoy!

…koi fish for painting…

click on image to print larger version

koi 1 9-21-2009 10-33-09 PMkoi 2 9-21-2009 10-33-35 PM

koi 3 9-21-2009 10-33-44 PMkoi 4 9-21-2009 10-33-46 PM

koi 5 9-21-2009 10-33-47 PMkoi 7 9-21-2009 10-34-03 PM

koi 10 9-21-2009 10-36-35 PMkoi 11 9-21-2009 10-42-12 PM

koi 12 9-21-2009 10-28-26 PMkoi 9 9-21-2009 10-35-00 PM

For more photo’s on the trip see Myfrenchkitchen: travel

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “Hawai’i: sketches and chronicles 2.

  1. Ronell, I’m loving your stories of Hawaii. I’ve never been there and it’s wonderful to read about your experiences. Having time for inner reflection and finding peace is so important. You were so lucky to be in such a beautiful place to do this.

    Your sketches are vivid and lively and absolutely stunning – as always!!! I could look at your work forever 🙂

    Thank you for generously sharing your koi photos with us to use. I have actually saved some of them to use as references at some point.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Wow!! Love the koi, but then really, really love your flamingos. I’m so glad you had an amzing trip and can’t wait to see more of your travel paintings.

  3. I so agree with you and all who have commented– time to drink in the world around us, time to unwind from tensions and the bee buzz in our minds, and as you so eloquently put it, listening to the wind in the palms and giving it up to the waves and the ocean… I feel rest and peace just listening to you. We don’t find enough time for ourselves for reflection and it is just so important.

    Your sketches are so lively and free. And I have saved some of your generous koi photos for reference. That one of their dance in that spiral of water is probably my favorite and will take me some happy time, learning to paint.
    Thank you.

  4. Oh, as usual, marvelous interpretations of what you saw, Ronell! and your photos of the koi are beautiful, too. Hope you had a wonderful time. I love the watercolors.

  5. You have really captured the beauty of those koi (I also took so many photos of them) and love the flamingos.

    You got my attention immediately when you said Kona is the best I have ever tasted. We went to tour a Kona coffee grower and I drank so much coffee, sampling them all, that I was a nervous nellie when we left.

    Thanks again for the memories and I look forward to the next installment.

  6. Beautiful sketches of koi, canoes, flamingoes – the koi and canoes look as if they’re doing the same dance! It’s vital to take those time-outs – thanks for the reminder (and for the great photos).

  7. Ronell, I’m sure I saw a comment in my email box, but Google is doing silly things just now so, if it was you…try again, please?

  8. Hi Ronell, thank you for your post. It was a mini vacation for me today during my break from the un-art-word work day. I was wisked away to calmer times and restful views. Welcome back.

  9. I love the flamingos! The canoes have lovely color but I felt my pulse quicken as I admired the sketch….moving on…. I just love Hawaii!

  10. Wow to your sketches, especially the flamingoes (I’m so jealous!!!) and double wow to your insights gained from sitting in stillness and just soaking in what is!

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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