Safely back home from Hawai’i, with unforgettable memories, tons of photos(for memories, paintings and snazzy shooting!) a heatlhy tan, fit as a fiddle, tired and dizzy with jet lag and hungry for french coffee!

Since Hartman spent his time with convention meetings, I had all the time in the world to selfishly do my own thing. I walked a lot, picked up things on my way and sketched them in our “room with a view”, when alone in the evenings. I carried my camera and sketchpad with me during the day, hiked long stretches up and down the coast and stopped every now and then to indulge in sketching some part of nature or the many art statues and animals around.

…findings along the way…

hawaii sketch 1

We were on Kona, the big island, still very quiet and undeveloped in comparison to the others and to me, up until now a world unknown. Taking about 6 hours to travel around the whole island, you travel through rain forests the one minute passing an empty desert the next, cows grazing fields follows shortly after, just to suddenly make way for dry volcano rock and finally ending in sandy beaches and tropical flora.

I found the trip very inspirational and came back home with some ideas for paintings. I’m not sure whether “island painting” is really me, but I am looking forward to the challenge of putting something different on canvas than what I’ve done up to now. Even if it is just for memory sake, because I don’t think I have the courage to go that way again…the long flight and stops are far too challenging for me!hawaii sketch 2

Some sketches…seed pods and flowers picked up from the ground. Parts of a statue captured here and there. Up until the day we left, the coffee table was covered with findings from every day along with pens and watercolour pads and palettes and a note I left to the cleaning lady…to leave it all as it is. She was so cute – she would take the dirty glass I use for my watercolour and replace it with a clean one every day. She would also leave me a little pile of napkins next to my palette. By the last day, the leaves were dry, the flowers wilted, the napkins all used up and I felt quite emotional to throw it all in the bin. To me it was a story which came to its end. I’m always sad when a story ends, even when the end sails happily off into the sunset.

hawaii sketch 3

hawaii sketch 4

All  sketches were done in the aquarelle moleskine with rotring pen and watercolour.

We had the most beautiful view from our room with the sunset straight in front of us over the ocean. The doors to the balcony stayed open all the time we were there. We fell asleep with the sound of crashing waves in our ears and we woke up with the smell of the ocean whifting in through the open doors early morning. I could live a life like this – the tempo slow  and almost heavy with laid back pace, stressless,  nonchalant, with hips swaying and flowers bouncing in tied back hair.

…from early morning…

early morning 2 9-24-2009 6-34-14 PM

…to sunset…

sunset 3

See some more photos here at Myfrenchkitchen: Travel.

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “Hawai’i: sketches and chronicles 1

  1. Welcome home, Ronell. I am always inspired by your writing as well as by your images and feel as if I have been there with you. And the added bonus of all those pictures on My French Kitchen…Thanks for taking me along.

  2. “I’m always sad when a story ends”…but the story is all here on these wonderful pages Ronell… it’s such a delight to see Hawai’i through your words and paintings. Aren’t husbands of artists incredibly lucky? Can you imagine what most wives would say if they were taken to Hawaii and left to their own devices day and night! You made fabulous use of the time.

  3. What a lovely, relaxing trip! I prefer the island of Hawaii, too, and for all the reasons you stated. Yes, Kona coffee is a bit weak, to say the least! LOL!! The bits and pieces you collected to sketch/paint may have died, but your precious journal will live on — just beautiful!!

  4. Wow, I love your little watercolors! I live on the Big Island (Hilo side) so I can relate. I wish I had kept better tabs on my blogging friends lately. I would have loved to show you around! If you’re back in my neck of the woods, let me know! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your trip with us!

  5. Lovely snippets of paradise Ronell – I love My home, but it would be very hard to choose between hawaii and france!!!

  6. A wonderful trip-relaxing for you and entertaining for your readers.

    30 years since I was there (Honolulu), but you’ve stirred some memories. Thanks, Ronell.

  7. Oh Ronell, these are just fabulous! I was also on Kona and loved it. You brought back so many wonderful memories with your sketches, which are so beautiful.

  8. Ooooh, these are fantastic, Ronell! Your palette colors are so elegant here, I love them! And your photos of the skies are magnificent! I feel like I went with you on a magical voyage. thanks for the ride!

  9. More than stunning! These actually make me want to make the trip if… this is the island you can stop at on the way to New Zealand. I’m with you on long flights. Being in a metal tube in the sky…….. well, lot’s of happy pills would be called for 🙂

  10. How come I checked your blog several times but you were still away and missed your coming back?????????

    Awww Ronell!!! These sketches and photos are so so so lovely!!!!!!!! And I know exactly how it must have been. I spent three weeks in Polynesia years ago, and they remain the best memories of all the travls around the earth I’ve made. I don’t know if Hawai and Polynesia are exactly the same, but I’m quite sure they are very similar. I just LOVED these islands!!! Loved the people, loved the smell, loved the light… (I could go on for hours) and thanks to you and your sketches, I can feel all that all over again… Thank you!
    I’m going to take my time and savour your words and sketches.

  11. I have never been to Hawaii, but through your beautiful sketches I can understand why many who live there love to call it home.

  12. Sigh and sigh again!!! What beauty in both art work and photos. My favorites are the flamingos and the palm trees. You give them such personality!!

    You’ve now met Katherine…..Thanks for sharing your lovely visit!

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