I’ve had the exciting opportunity recently to go hot air ballooning in Fontainebleau. We took off on the grounds of the chateau and landed some hours later in a farmer’s field. We were treated to champagne by candlelight after landing which couldn’t have been more perfect!

I did two sketches from photos afterwards. I didn’t even consider sketching there, I was too afraid of being left behind, because once the balloon was up and billowing, there was no time for fancy stuff. It was grab your legs and climb that basket. Besides it is far more exciting watching the balloon lift and blow and bulge.

If you’re interested in seeing some pictures you can go to Myfrenchkitchen, where I’ve put up some pics of the whole process and the trip, the amazing sunset, smooth landing and our great crew.

Both these sketches were done on Fabriano artistico block(30x23cm) with pen and watercolour.

…stretching the toile

…almost there…

17 thoughts on “Montgolfière en France

  1. I haven’t visited your blog in ages and hate that I missed so much! It always thrills me to see your style. You are amazing!!

  2. Oh Lord Ronell, How I would love to ride a balloon – you had such an adventure and your sketches are brilliant !!

  3. Ronell, it always amazes me how you are able to distill a scene into the most important bits, leaving out all the background items that are not important to the painting. That’s not really all that easy to do but you do it well.


  4. I’ll bet that was great fun! It sounds wonderful! I’ve always wanted to go up in a balloon, but my fear of heights makes me think it may never happen, so I enjoy hearing about you doing it!! Great watercolors here!

  5. Beautiful sketches, Ronell with all the delightful spontaneity you bring to your life sketches. That takes a bit of doing.

    Loved your photographs too!

  6. very energetic images I like how you allow the water color to breathe and keep them with their true integrity even when amongst other colors.

    I just stared my first art blog and would like your opinion.
    Feel free to leave any comment on any thing.I look forward to your visit.


  7. Oh you LUCKY LUCKY girl!! Did you sing “UP! UP and AWAy-ay-ay in my beautiful, my beautiful BALLOOOOOON!” ??

    Love your sketches of this, will go look at the photos too.

    Thank you for your autumn quick sketches too – reminds me to look in the garden and try something simple. I’ve been feeling a little paralyzed lately – just can’t seem to put pen to paper and draw even a doodle. (In Texas, our autumn colours only come around Christmas time.)

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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