We are back from a wonderful time in Toulouse. Beautiful sunshine days and we were spoilt rotten by Marinell. It is so bad being back here and having no one to continue the spoiling!

In between all the coffees and lunches and soulful talks and laughter and movies and dinners and lots of walking and even rock concert by Maroon Five, I sqeezed in some drawings. I did the drawings on site and put the washes in when we took a break somewhere. Toulouse was swarming with people out on the streets, which made drawing extremely difficult. I didn’t even attempt painting.

Toulouse is known as La ville Rose (pink city), because of the amazing red brick used in its architecture. It is overwhelming and I felt totally incompetent, trying to capture some of it atmosphere.

The first three sketches were done in handmade sketchbook (22 x 25cm) in pen and pencil and watercolour.

…la ville rose…

…let in the sun…


The next sketch of Pont neuf, crossing La Garonne, was done in handmade sketchbook, 22x15cm in rotring artist pen and wash.

..a wonky pont neuf…

A few people sketches  on Place de la Daurade and the ducks closing in to investigate. Rotring artpen and wash in handmade sketchbook, 22x15cm.

…so, who are the curious ones…

A while ago I came across a beautiful little handmade sketchbook, (30×12, which seems more like a marine sketch format) and this café scene was done in it with rotring art pen and wash. Unfortunately the paper doesn’t take wash well, so I’ll stick to pen drawings in the future.

…”une baguette, du vin, et du fromage si’l vous plait”…

16 thoughts on “Sketches from Toulouse, France.

  1. Just trying to paint some windows like those in your top sketch, Ronell so I’m qualified to say how good yours are! Astonished how many sketches you managed to fit in with the celebrations and being spoilt.

    The fountain is beautiful, as is your ‘wonky’ bridge. I imagine your free spirited cartoon persona waltzing across it.

  2. Doing these between all the activities is amazeing to me.
    They are as always wonderfully composed.

    Sounds like a fun getaway and we all need to be spoiled from time to time.

    Great post

  3. Beautiful work, Ronell – you are really coming back from your break from drawing with some amazing work. And how clever of you to go to the sunny part of France last weekend when it was sooo wet up here!

  4. FABULOUS, as always, Ronnel! I LOVE how you even make your buildings soft and painterly!!!! LOVE the views, and especially, the fountain!! GORGEMENTOUS!

  5. Ronell, these are so full of light and life! I especially love the fountain one ;D, but they are all wonderful. So nice to see you on a roll!

  6. Ronell — these are all so beautiful! I think you captured the feeling of old wonderfully warm buildings just beautifully. I haven’t stopped by in so long — I loved seeing your children’s artwork, and also your very thoughtful post about taking a break. Well said!

  7. These are delightful! I LOVE the bridge one and you have used your signature loose lively style. Hum. hand made journals? Were those hands by any chance yours?

  8. These sure make me want to go to Toulouse – the buildings so sunlit and warm – the fountain is fantastic. Love the people sketches too.

  9. La ville Rose sounds and looks absolutely stunning. I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Funny that you also saw “Maroon” 5 in the “pink” city.

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