I am off to Toulouse for the weekend to celebrate 2 important occasions. Our eldest daugter’s birthday and the end of her architecture studies….well, not completely, but the most important project was presented today.

I am excited for her, stepping into a whole new adventure. No more the little girl, running barefoot, but a  soon to be working young woman(who promised to build our retirement home on the rocks, overlooking the ocean!). These  are some of the drawings from both girls’ barefoot years.

…This collage hangs in our home and I hung it years ago, when, as young parents, we had very little money. I bought a second hand frame for a few cents and fixed it at home.  It was our first “original painting”. And it still looks the same. These drawings are of their first recognizable drawings, don’t ask me when, I can’t remember…

…The next few drawings were done over the years..

…Liandri painted the fish when she was 14 years and we lived in Clemson, South Carolina…

…These last two were done by Marinell when she was 16 in SC…


22 thoughts on “Children’s art for a celebration.

  1. What a beautiful and touching post, Ronell.

    Such talented girls you have – not surprising but wonderful to see. And a great deal for you to be proud of. I don’t think there could be art more treasured on any wall.

    Have a great family weekend!

  2. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree — these are wonderful, Ronnel — she has your talent and eye for good art!

  3. What joyous, colourful children’s paintings, Ronell – and your daughter’s more recent drawings are hauntingly beautiful. You must be immensely proud of your girls.

  4. my eyeballs are vibrating from so much color and energy!!! What a tribute to them that you’ve preserved them so beautifully. Have a wonderful reunion and celebration this weekend.

  5. What a sweet post Ronell! I love seeing how the work has changed over the years. Have a great visit and congrats to your talented daughter. You’ve inspired me to sift through my daughter’s work and post a few of hers.
    I love all of the work!

  6. What a vibrant and lively progression of paintings – talent in bucketloads throughout the family! All the best to your daughter in her new career.

  7. Ronell, your daughter are so talented (just like their mom).
    I hope you and your family are having a fabulous time together. There are plenty to celebrate 🙂

  8. Whenever an adult is feeling creatively blocked, discouraged, like they “can’t draw” or “can’t paint”, they should look at children’s artwork. Their inspiration will come rushing back at the sight of such imaginative, unfiltered, fearless creations like the ones you have posted here. They are magnificent in every way! Thank you for sharing them.

  9. It’s not hard to see where they get their talent from.
    These are amazing.
    They say mom’s are horders always squirrling everything away, I say how could we not with precious memories like these.
    Thanks so much for shareing these gems Ronell

  10. Congrats to you and your daughter :)!
    What an excellent idea to have her study architecture, thus your dreams of getting an one-of-a-kind retirement-house have almost come true … ;-))!

  11. And BTW, I think every family should have at least one architect, one carpenter and one artist (which describes the three boys in my husband’s family).

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