I cancelled my art class with Casey this afternoon. Having so little sleep these last few day finally caught up with me and I slept…for a whole 3 hours. On Casey’s recommendation, I took a hot bath and fell into bed with a cat on each side. She wanted me to do some yoga first…I pretended the line broke up: “hallo hallooo..” Thank you for being patient Casey.

I woke up, to find myself feeling out of touch with reality and no energy. The best I could come up for the rest of what’s left of the afternoon, is some sketches of the cats and their foodcorner.

I used micropen 05, sprayed some water and scraped a black watercolour pencil onto rough sandpaper, holding it over the wet areas, which gives the splotched effect. On the dry parts, you can blow the scraped pencil  off easily. I didn’t want watery shadows, so I put down some ink and with a wet finger I blotted into the ink to shape the shadows. I first used some cottonwool and toweling paper, but it took off too much of the ink.




22 thoughts on “Cat sketches

  1. For someone who is feeling under the weather….wow have you been busy! I am loving your ink sketches and the different techniques involved. The cats are absolutly wonderful, so full of character. Their personality comes across the page. What an accomplishment! I do like the splatters and how that almost ‘carelessness’ contrast beautifully with your confident lines. I am especially drawn to the bottom sketch where the deeper lines around the neck and those in front of the cat seem to frame the face….setting it off beautifully.
    I also skimmed through your other posts and love the orange post with such beautiful color. I love mixing orange because there are so many combinations of red and yellow……
    I hope the weather has brightened some and you are getting some sleep.

  2. Lovely sketches Ronell, such an interesting change for you with ink lately – very invigorating – Glad you got some sleep – and the Yoga – oh well 😉 And thank you for explaining your spatter/wash techniques, I think I will try this.

  3. I just love the last sketch especially – your line work is beautiful – and the drawing really catches a likeness (if you can say that about a cat). I hope you’re feeling a bit better.

  4. I think these are amazing – under the weather or not…I LOVE the bottom one of the cat – the noodly lines and the spatter – GENIUS, I tell you!

  5. Ronell, I am really enjoying your ink line work. It has a real freshness to it and I love the little splatters of ink. Sorry about the non sleep thing, that is really tuff. Hopefully it will pass soon. I am going to Costa Rica to sketch in Feb. Need to come warm your bones? 🙂 Take care.

  6. I think its totally unfair that you can create such charming sketches when you are not feeling well. You inspire me to get sick….well NOT really.
    I LOVE these!!!!!

  7. These are wonderful drawings! And thanks for telling us how you did them. (My sympathy on the lack of sleep. A few days in a row of only four or five hours of sleep and one enters the zombie zone. Not a good place to be. It’s a huge problem for me, too.)

  8. I hope you feel better now! You’ve been burning all your candles at both ends, haven’t you? ;D. Love seeing more of your playfulness with pens.

  9. The spattering works very nicely with the ink. I’ve been trying it on watercolours a la Shirley Trevena. Love your cats, they look like they’ve spun themselves out of random lines. Beautiful.
    Not sleeping is awful, Ronell. I’ve been up for nights with an ailing dog. Eventually got sick as a result and spent a whole day sleeping, curled up on the couch in the middle of painters’ debris. By the way I think the sound of sleeping cats is a great sedative!

  10. At last, I have been trying to comment for a few days now, but everytime I hit submit it was blank. I frustrate easily so I gave up.
    But I’m here now.
    I love the ink sketches from the last few posts.

    On this one my fave is the last sketch.

  11. I needed some extra sleep too and did the same thing today! Two cats on either side is heaven…. it’s thanks to my son…. he wanted cats… I’d always been a dog person prior.
    Your sketches are lovely… even your ink sketch work has a wonderful painterly quality to it ! It’s good to catch up with your sketches… I always enjoy your work –hope you’re feeling better!

  12. Hehehe. I like how you pretended the phone line was broken. That’s quite impish of you, Ronell 🙂

    I like your cat sketch. I wish you can meet my not-my-pet-cat Jack. He’s a character and the only cat that I like.

    I hope you can catch up with your snooze.

  13. Very nice work…maybe the sleep deprivation adds a little spice to the art, who knows? When my sister isn’t well and needs sleep and she always gathers her “medicinal kitties” who give off “kitty sleep aura” and it’s better than any sleeping pill. It is hard to resist joining sleepy kitties.

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