Earlier this week, Sharon posted a beautiful art cabinet on her blog her husband made her and she wondered where everybody else paints. And so here I’m showing my atelier. Since I don’t post photo’s on Africantapestry, I present two sketches here that I did this morning and then I got tired. There is just too much detail and I took forever to decide what to sketch and how and how much – too many decisions for me. If you’re interested in seeing photographs of my atelier you can go to Myfrenchkitchen, where they are listed under “My atelier” on the sidebar.

Having this little space, which is my private little niche in the world, forces me to bend the knee before some daily rituals. I’ve come to enjoy them, look forward to doing them, meditate them. For most people it will simply be impractical schlepp. I love them. Lighting the fire every morning in the cold, wet winters…. cleaning the fireplace every morning in winter….waiting for the atelier to heat up, in the meantime fetching my coffee and the cats, opening and closing the vents for the heating, checking the humidity levels, chasing out unwelcome spiders. Even Hartman has to dance to the rythm of my atelier. He always has a stack of chopped wood ready for me in the cave and small pieces in my basket for starting the fire. He even lights the fire in the mornings – the deeper we move into winter, the more he misses his morning train, the more it becomes my ritual. Here in my place of rituals, life forces me to slow down. It’s a place where I am surrounded by memories of the past and inspirations for the future.  It is here where I dream and try to paint it. Write it. It is here where I allow all my multiple personalities to roam free. Unfortunately… we roam too much, dream too much and achieve too little.

Hartman transformed the old stable in the back of our garden into an atelier for me just a few steps of years ago. I helped of course…did all the designing and supervising! We restored the old beams, the walls, the old manger, the fireplace. Hartman installed heating (fed from the fireplace), plumbing for an old porcelain sink, electricity, high speed internet connection, overhead lighting, a bookshelf from an old ladder found in the cave. We dismantled a bedroom dresser of my mother and turned it into a cabinet holding the sink. A couch from Hartman’s parents, armchairs from his grandparents,  lamps, an easel, a farmtable, a little coffee table from my childhood……and I had my atelier; a place where everyting has a heartbeat of it’s own. A place of rituals.



21 thoughts on “My atelier; a place of rituals.

  1. Ooh – these are wonderful Ronell! You’ve really captured the special atmosphere of your studio – which is so ‘you’. I can smell the wood in the fireplace….

  2. Talk about ‘A Room Of Her Own’! I’ve just seen the photos. I’m still having trouble breathing after viewing the beautiful striped bricks of the exterior! And how wonderfully warm and Ronell inside. You are a princess, you know. But it’s okay – you’re the Bloggers’ Princess. ox ox

  3. I agree with Dave! In fact, when I come to Amboise in a few weeks, I’m going to settle down, right there in your studio, and never budge. Forewarned is forearmed ;D.
    Just amazing, amazing, wonderful paintings!

  4. I am so envious Ronell. Your atelier looks wonderfully cozy and relaxing. As are your watercolors.
    And it’s nice also to have those special pieces to convert and reuse.
    Oh to dream.

  5. Truly a studio with character, Ronell! It’s so beautiful – the old brick, the subtle color of the walls. And how wonderful to be able to take a break and sit on that cozy little sofa, perhaps to visit with a friend while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. Very charming and inviting! Thank you for posting the photos.
    And when I learn to paint as well as you do, I shall ask my husband to build me one…

  6. just stopping by to say hello and see what you’ve been up to. Great work! Had a wonderful afternoon with Robyn today..can’t wait for our get together as well…

  7. A beautifully written post, Ronell…..and your sketches and Atelier are beautiful too. I would so love a place just like that to create and paint in.

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