This is my first contribution to EDM. I couldn’t find a single pepper or salt shaker in our home, since we’ve always used milled salt and pepper. In fact, I have such a huge variety of different salts and peppers…but before you think I’ve completely lost it; besides art, one of my other passions is cooking, so having al these different salts is nothing strange. For everyday cooking, I do what my mom used to do – a pinch of salt from the salt jar next to the stove, which holds grey sea salt. For table use, we have the wonderful Fleur de sel. For special occasions I would splash out with some delicate Maldon salt flakes and just for the kick of it, I would also use Kosher salt that my husband brings me all the way from South Carolina every once or so. And everyday and everywhere we’ll use the mill with the pink himalayan salt, which is apparently very healthy, but I have to admit, I choose it more for the looks! As for pepper, pretty much the same thing. The big wooden mill I use with big fanfare in the kitchen, then we have several smaller mills which I fill up with different peppers, depending on the meal and occasion; softer, mixed peppers, and a big favorite lately, the powerful Chichuan pepper(which is actually not a true pepper). So, here I am with all my salts and peppers and first drawing and very shaky legs(because of my first entry into this very talented and efficient and spontaneous group)…

I am so new to this blog-thing, so If I mess up or take more space than I ought to, or invade or whatever the case, I apologize…to be honest, I have saved this post almost 15 times as a draft, before I finally published it!

This was done with a brush pen and watercolor on watercolor paper.


Casey said…
This is really lovely Ronell – a departure from your usual style! It has a stylized quality that would look great as a cookbook illustration.
February 5, 2007 12:29 PM  
Brenda Y said…
Welcome to EDM! What a fabulous blog you’ve got here!! Your artwork is very lovely; I love the look of wood texture you have captured on the pepper mill. I agree with Casey, this would make a lovely illustration in a cookbook.
February 7, 2007 7:16 PM  
Renate said…
I feel so poor now. With only one sort of pepper and salt …
Great start for blogging. The scissor painting is gorgeous!

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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