I would like to apologize to all my subscribers.

It seems there has been a little hick-up tonight and a post from earlier this year was once again published a few minutes ago  and an automatically generated email was sent to everybody who is subscribed to Africantapestry. I have no idea why or how it happened.  So , a big sorry for that!!!

Thank you for understanding!

4 thoughts on “Apology..

  1. Not to worry, dear Ronell, that’s cyberspace for you. Mine acts up all the time. I have to go on very early in AM to get good results.
    But I am loving this painting..


  2. This looks just like our scenery here…but with a little less snow. lol

    I love the idea of your sketchercize postcards. What a great idea. I did start checking the blog to see what you were doing and who was participating. I would have enjoyed doing that…keep me in mind the next time. lol

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