I am itching to move outdoors and go paint, sketch, draw. Why? Simple. Because I feel inspired. I can only be on the couch in front of the fireplace for so long and then I tire of having it good. I need some difficulty, like going out and sticking it out in the cold, feeling my fingers go numb, but persevering in finishing a painting or sketch. When surroundings and circumstances are too easy, life becomes difficult too. Luxuries and comfort numbs us – we don’t feel the pulse of life and we don’t hear opportunities knock on our doors.

So. No, not any cold outdoor sketches yet, only some faces done in the comfort of a heated indoor living room! contour drawing is one of my favourite styles of drawing…there are artists out there doing amazing work in contour drawing. I cheated a bit on mine…I lifted my hand now and then and added some more lines, which I probably shouldn’t…the charm of a contour drawing is actually the scarcity in line work. I’m looking forward to so some life drawings in contour.

…drawing faces in contour..

..pen on Canson drawing paper, 13.5 x21 cm..

7 thoughts on “Drawing faces in contour.

  1. I took an art class and she did show us to not lift our hand and not to look at what we were drawing..
    Oy.. it wasn’t pretty what I did..

    You are so good..so good I think I recognize people.
    You are so talented..

    Easy is nice.. enjoy it..:)I used to feel like that..:)

    But I applaud you will to be busy and create!
    I can’t wait for easy!!
    I know it will come..I know it.

  2. I’m itching to get outdoors to paint too. We had 21 inches of snow over the last two days. I may try sitting in the car someplace to sketch today. I like your contour drawings, and the amaryllis below is gorgeous!!! Hope you get outdoors soon.

  3. These are wonderful, Ronell–and I love that new profile image on FB, too–fabulous! The cold winter is good if it’s getting you creating all these good things.

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