W are living a whole saga of chickens, running for a few months now, but that is a story for some other day. For now, here are Tartelette and Omelette, the latest addition to the chicken chronicles. They are two Bantam de Pèkin, porcelain chickens, and SOOO cute! Now being fully adapted and taken ino the Van Wyk household, they reign alongside the cats. In our home, the humans take second spot in the limelight. Here they are just lazing in the barn by my feet. It was raining outside. They don’t like to get wet. And the barn is comfortable.

Th cows roaming the hills have a beauty all of their own. With their velvety brown eyes and long lashes, they love attention and eagerly respond to “vient, vient!” hoping for a delicacy, which is quite often the case…a branch of poplars held out to them, or soft green grass.

The bottom sketch is done on a different day, in a different sketchbook where the paper has more texture. Some of the cows look rather like dogs…or bulls…or even rabbits? Let’s just say I’m out of practice(sic)…

All sketches done with rotring pen and watercolor in CP watercolour sketchbooks(400g/m²), 26x18cm and 25×15.3cm.

until next time..!


9 thoughts on “Sketching chickens and cows

  1. I love the low country but you make me long for my farm roots 🙂
    These are great, Ronelle! I’d have a few chickens again in a minute. We had Bantams – don’t know what variety. I was too young to care, just found them ever so endearing 🙂

  2. Love your cows, Ronelle. While on our road trip this spring I saw cows everywhere and was reminded that cows were an everpresent part of my childhood. We had red cows… usually a herd of around 400! Dad raised them from caves and sold them for family income. While we were driving I kept trying to draw the cow shape and couldn’t get it right until I switched from a pen to a brush. Cows from a distance are a shape that’s best caught with a brush rather than an outline.

  3. Ronelle,

    These are such beautiful paintings. They look like such contented animals and you sound contented as well. I met Laura Frankstone recently, at the Urban Sketcher Symposium, here in Portland. I gave her something for you, the next time she comes to France she can pass it on to you.

    Happy Summer

  4. Ronell, I’m sitting here smiling (unheard of this early in the day), totally charmed by your gorgeous chickens and cows. And your wonderful cows could never be mistaken for dogs or rabbits.

  5. Fabulous to see you out there painting and sketching again. All your creatures have such personalities.
    Studio coming on nicely and not sure whether to share yet. I think if it happens it will be that someone just walks in who is the right one!!
    Things take their own course sometimes. Like our paintings!
    Pop in and I’ll make you a coffee.
    Hugs, Erin

  6. We both enjoyed your lovely sketches of chickens and cows (Lois found your blog using ‘watercolour’ tag to search and showed it to Stephen).
    We have ducklings in our garden which are growing fast and rather monopolising our own blog at present 🙂

  7. Love your cows and chickens, too. Agree with Robyn and the others– NO ONE would confuse them with dogs or rabbits.
    The sketches exude a HAPPINESS that is catching. So glad
    you are at Coin Perdu.

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