In spring the wildflowers are just beautiful. At Coin Perdu, the hills are covered yellow Pissenlits,  ( dandelions). On my sketchercise walk, I normally only take a pen or pencil, but since this was a long but leisurely walk, I took my watercolour paints as well. Put on my straw hat, walking boots and wandered into the hills, losing myself in the sun and flora.

All sketches done in my Coin Perdu garden journal with pencil and watercolor.

…buttercup and dock…


…our wine crate table top which greeted my on my return…

…the latest addition to our family…Petronella and Stephanie…

16 thoughts on “Wildflower sketches

  1. Love ’em all, Ronell. A lovely feel of the life at Coin Perdu. So glad that you have had this time there, surely a time of renewal and happiness.

  2. These are gorgeous! What sunny, cheerful, paintings. They make me want to get out there with my sun hat on. If only we had some sun today!

  3. I absolutely love your free flowing sketches and watercolors.
    What a great journal this will be. I hope you have a fabulous cover for it when you are finished

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