Having the youngest daughter finishing her studies in Caen.., had us renting a truck and taking off in the directionof Caen to empty her apartement and bring it back home. Another chapter finished. She starts in Paris next week for a long “stage” and then we’ll take on another chapter, who knows where.  Always an exciting life when you have kids – it never stops!

Sketch in rotring pen and watercolour in watercolor sketchbook, 15.3x25cm.

When all was packed and we waited for the estate agent to come over for the “etat de lieu” – checking that we didn’t steal the ceiling or the shower etc…I sat on the windowsill of an empty apartment and scribbled a sketch of the building opposite her window, as well as the pigeons of Rue St Martin, trying their best to hide from the pouring rain and the cold. Not much in terms of great sketching, but at least some pen to paper!

sketch in pencil in wartercolor sketchbook, 15,3x25cm.

10 thoughts on “Two sketches from Caen, France.

  1. Love it …Ronell! I always imagine myself sitting where you were sitting when you were doing your sketches ….as you describe your surroundings. (Gits Ronell….partykeer sukkel ek nou regtig om myself reg in Engels uit te druk…hierdie is nou een van daai kere….lol..)

  2. Je reve de mon petit fils completer un jour ces etudes aussi,les dessins sont formidables comme tous les autres ,surtout les pigeons en meditation….A part les moments ou ils mangent ou ils volent ils ont toujours un air philososphique.

  3. I love the pigeon studies – it’s good practice to draw moving animals/birds because something of their character/nature seems to come out much more effectively than in pictures drawn from photos. Good luck with the next chapter!

  4. Congrats to your daughter. I love your sketches of the pigeons– and you know that I always love your buildings.

  5. Charming pigeons, Ronell. Your watercolour of the building is very appealing too.

    Oh the things we do for daughters! Paris at that age does seem like a dream.

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