A few sketches from Tours and around Montlouis. The last leaves have fallen, the weather is turning real chilly and everybody is cuddling in the bars around the counter with loud conversations and strong espressos. Winter is finally here.

a week or so ago, I was also in a café, Les trois écritoires, with an espresso, waiting for my Torrefaction to open so I could stock up on coffee, which is the first sketch. On Place Plumereau, is the restaurant Leonard de vinci, where I sketched as crooked as it was cold and miserable. Some tough leaves  in the third sketch, refusing to give way to winter and lastly, on another day, one of the many vinyeards of Montlouis. Voilà!

torrefaction et au nom de la rose

…last bit of colour…

…leonard de vinci en centre ville…

…vignobles de montlouis sur loire…

All sketches done in pen and watercolour in sketchbook

17 thoughts on “Sketching in tours

  1. The top is so cheery. And your sketches have convinced me that I feel a blue chill from the other three, so I feel like an espresso, hot chocolate or a bowl of soup right this minute–great atmosphere, Ronelle.

  2. I always want to dash out to a bar for a coffee when I read your posts, Ronell you always make is sound so cosy. Indeed, as Lindsay says, your dry spell is over and the sketches are a joy. I particularly love the old grape vines gathered below the town.

    Now, have you got your gouache out?

  3. These are fabulous, Ronnell! I agree with Robyn, you make everything sound and look so cozy. Your style is one of my favorites!!
    My books arrived ~ all 20 of them! ;0 They are wonderful. Thank you so much for your recommendations. Now I will just snuggle up with a coffee and enjoy them.
    I will have to head over to your “kitchen” blog and see what you are cooking up today.

  4. That last one of the vineyards is my FAVORITE! It’s beautiful!
    I always enj0y seeing all of your sketches though… keep em coming!!!!

  5. Someone sent me an email just a minute ago to ask which journals I use for watercolour and I saw a glimpse that it was from Diane…and then it got deleted before I could read the email!
    I know a few Diane’s and it could even be a Diane I don’t know…if you read here Diane and you sent the email…please send it again!! so sorry!

  6. Great sketches of your wonderful part of the world. I love the last one of the remains of the vines and the town beyond them. I’ll join you in the top sketch for some coffee!

  7. I love Tours so much. I’ve been about a fortnight at Loches and Amboise! Unfortunatelly at that time I didn’t sketch I just wrote a lot.

    Great work!

  8. Hi Ronelle, great sketches. Your paintings are delightful and bring back memories of the times I was in your part of the world. Your little sketch book is serving me very well, thank you again.

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