Maree passed the Kreative blogger award on this way a few weeks ago…THANKS! – and now I have to tell seven things about myself. I don’t have seven interesting things to tell, but I can name hundreds of things that I love  that give me joy in this lifetime. So I’ll name a few of them.

Apart from loving my family, I adore my cats, Tokala and Ayiani. They are highly intelligent, as you’ll see from the sketch,  and they teach me how to be humble and considerate andhow to respect others’ time and place. I know they see me as a very intelligent creature and recognise my superiority to them. They laugh at all my funny talk and come immediately when I call. I never feel like a fool around them. They hasten to fulfill my every will. I am royalty in their presence.

cats cartoon

I adore being a plein air painter. I never really loved landscapes, until I went out and did my first one, which was a complete blooper by the way. But the process of plein air means much more to me than the result. Sic. Of course I’m lying! I love an awesome result! I don’t want to do it just for fun. I want to be extraordinary! I want to be gooood! That is why I go out there again and again. In search of that high that comes with the process . In search of  the experience.  In search of that complete knock-out that will one day come with a stunning result…hopefully.

plein air painter

I love my bicycle. I look quaint and adorable. My backside rests small and dainty on the saddle. I don’t wobble and I don’t bobble. The uphills are SOO easy and the downhills have people fleeing from me. It says that I am in command. I feel powerful. When I was 5 years old, I ran away from home with my bicycle and a clean cotton panty in my little suitcase. I decided the corner of my street was far enough away from home. Not much has changed. I still wear cotton and my bicycle still takes me away from home. To every corner I choose.

riding bicycle

In my next lifetime I am going to be a professional photographer. They make a lot of money and never have to work. They never go hungry. And they are always well dressed. They always travel in style and see the world. And it is all fun. For that they  get money again. And they look professional with all their equipment. Everybody has respect for someone who carries a lot of stuff. They immediately think that person must be good. I want to be goood. And it counts in my favour that  I’m trigger happy.  So I will be a photographer. After all, I’m not scared of animals. Or people. Sic.

in another lifetime

I can name many more…Africa holds my roots, France holds my heart…travelling to far-off places was invented for me…listening to other people’s stories of their lives enriches me…nature gives me space to breathe…our mountain home sets me free…

Let’s stop here. Life is too short to only name the things we love. Let’s go do it.

I am passing this award on to:

Cathy at Cards and stuff– she is a lovely french Madame, now living in South Africa and does extraordianary African art and just had an exhibition a hwhile ago of stunning African portraits!

Cecily at Butterflyhands – she is a good friend of many many years and her blog is fairly new, but I know her talent and skills from way back and I have always admired it.

18 thoughts on “Sketching some things..

  1. Here, it is still winter-dark and chilly, but this post has brightened the day already.Such funny, gentle fibs, Ronel! (I have cats, too, remember!;-) )

  2. Haai Ronell Thank you!! I am a good subject for one of your cartoons at this moment! I sit here with a surprized look on my face and with no idea what to do next!! Love your cartoons. Cecily mwa!

  3. I just LOVE the descriptive little sketches Ronell! I used to do that while journaling, as it was the only way I could express the pictures in my heart. Sadly I don’t journal all that much anymore…

  4. Oh what a lovely surprise!!! Thanks Ronell! I’m flattered! I’m not sure i’m going to make it as fun as you did! I loved your sketches and all the things you (don’t) reveal about yourself. reading between the lines is one of my specialty, and I loved what I read there!!! ;-))

  5. Have the cats moved to your mountain house too? If so, did you have to put butter on their feet to stop them wandering off?

    Wonderful, lively, happy, brilliant sketches, Ronell. My favourites are painting the sunflowers and Ronell – professional photographer with a BIG lens. Has anyone ever told you that you have great talent? I thought so 🙂



  7. I adore these…..very wise as well. You have a beautiful touch that I could look at all day long. Thanks for your comments on my Provence sketches. They are very cherished coming from someone who would know of the beauty of that part of France.

  8. Ronell, I love the little stories you told here and the fabulous sketches that go along with them. Your posts are always entertaining and this one is no exception. And the good news for you is that you already are excellent at creating stunning plein air paintings. (No sic, I speak the truth!) But please keep at it because I want to see what comes after stunning.

  9. What a charming post with your loose, creative artwork, Ronell. I smiled, remembering the time I ran away from home as a kid, and suddenly realized I wasn’t allowed to cross the street, so I just kept going around a very long block all day long! LOL

  10. what smiles you bring to my morning. Do I dare and try to go for a short bike ride this moring? my surgeon would say “NO, too soon after surgery!” ah, what does she know…..I’m off…if you don’t see me online the rest of the week you’ll know why!!! Bon journeé et bon anniversaire!

  11. I missed this, too, Ronell. I am going to smile for the rest of the day and all day tomorrow. I love your cartoons.That determined little back and rump on that bicycle is so precious–we really have elaborate plans when we are little to make people pay attention to what we are saying or feeling.

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