I find that I am always doing nothing most of the time or everything at the same time. When this happens, I feel that at no time am I doing a good job in anything that I do and always need more time.  Every time , I wish I could decide on doing only one thing at a time. Maybe that way, I at least could do something right, some of the time.

…intended to be vintage Citroen

vintage citroen

I am in a phase where I am now doing everything at the same time: I am putting up a post here on Africantapestry, I have also updated Myfrenchkitchen, which means I have done some real cooking and kitchen fiddling for a change,  Nothing extraordinary, BUT it is cool and  healthy!

I have played around with my camera too and updated Coin Perdu, a mountain home, where we drift in and out of nature and restoration in  Corréze.

Not forgetting my plein air painting of hay stacks and bales and tractors…and sketching under the bistro umbrellas of people lingering around in the sun …and a cute little vintage Citroen posing. Just for me.

Some of the sketches worked, some turned out completely distorted – the Citroen is unrecognizable and the people in the second sketch resemble figures from Lord of the rings. But…Fun nonetheless.

So. Let’s ride the tide while it is high and do either something, or anything and everything all at the same time!

…lingering sun seekers…

people in the summer sun

…distorted sun seekers…

people in the summer sun 2

All sketches in done in moleskine in pen and wartercolour

Lastly: If you drop by here, please check that you are in my linklist – I have only come to realize how many people I don’t have in my linklist, now that the superblog is down…and of course it wasn’t intentional!  So please leave me your link in the comments or in an email ! C’mon, don’t be shy..yye!

11 thoughts on “Lingering-in-the-summer sun-sketches

  1. Oh boy! I certainly know that feeling, Ronell! Right now, it’s not even 6am and I’m finishing the titles/prices lists for some prints we’re showing at the Cafe. In between getting breakfast/lunches ready. Oh, yeah – keeping cats from being “too helpful.”

    But what a lovely read! And I was once in love with a yellow Citroen…
    Oops! Time to get poached eggs on…

    for some reason my URL doesn’t show up but it is:

  2. Wow— you do WORDs and Pictures!!!! Your descriptions are so true– that’s just the way I feel sometimes. Wonderful fun sketches Ronell!
    The Super Blog is down? I didn’t even know- thanks for keeping me up to date.

  3. These are all great, Ronell! When I read what you were saying, I had to smile–the signs of a truly creative person–everything you touch interests you and diverts you from the last creative thing you were doing, and yes–you’re obviously doing marvelous things all around!

  4. We are all in these similar places at one time or another, Ronell, and I agree that it is part of being creative and we
    might as well just go with the flow, but it can put me in a spin, sometimes. As always, thanks for sharing the journeys that you are making with us– beautifully described and painted.

  5. Sounds like all this sun we’re having has you energized – don’t you wish we could store some of that extra energy for the winter?
    I love the 2cv – is it really yellow?

  6. Love the Citroen – it really looks like it has a personality that you’ve captured! I too realiz now how much I depended on the Superblog to view my regular art blogs.

    I want to bottle some of your energy as Casey suggested!

  7. Your watercolors have a unique way of capturing the essence of the people and places you observe.
    I’d love to be on your link list, as you are on mine.

  8. Well, I recognized the citroen right away. Perhaps there will one waiting for me in Provence. I leave Friday. I have my sketchbook pens, and watercolors packed so I am ready!. Oh and few clothes. You paint a picture I can’t wait to walk into.

  9. Looks like a bunch of creativity and energy going on – so great to look at and escape to in my head, when I’m stuck here doing only ONE thing for weeks and weeks – work! Love that sunny Citroen

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