I was inspired to walk down the road earlier this evening to do some sketching, even if it could be only one.

My inspiration? Miguel from Free(k)hand. He’s been showing his sketchbooks lately and I love them all! The sizes appeal to me too, even though I prefer bigger sketchbooks.  Looking at his pocketsize, makes me want to try working smaller in sketching too. It makes for quicker sketching, carries easier, and is more subtle and  inobtrusive I think. Now if only I could get my sketches to look like Miguel’s… He is so nifty with his pen. Drop in at Free(k)hand and see his latest posts with his sketchbooks.

I only had time for one sketch down the road…a little chapel attached to an old house. Next time I’ll do the house.

…down the road…

old chapel quai albert bailletsketch in pen and watercolour, Fabriano watercolour sketchbook, CP, 20x14cm

15 thoughts on “Sketching down the road

  1. This is soooo wonderful. Love the way you left the bottom indistinct – and the dark tree behind the roof. I agree, don’t change anything.

  2. Lovely post and yes, his work is just wonderful. I scrolled down a bit to see his kit. Very inventive. I’ve taken to carring a small wc set too. Just can’t miss out on the colors.

  3. It’s the “mere hint” of what is really there that makes all of your sketches so intriguing. We sense that you really can paint realistic pictures.

  4. How pretty is that! You must live in the loveliest area, Ronell–either that or you make it look wonderful, anyway! LOL So beautiful.

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