Today is earth day. Some garden sketches as my contribution.

All sketches done in moleskine with rotring pen and watercolour.



*Create a garden that is ecologically friendly. Ban pesticides. Plant combinations of plants and herbs and certain weeds for natural pest control. Learn to live with a few weeds and some chewed up leaves. Promote insect life by planting flowers that atttract them – lavenders, feverfews, buddleias, lilas, roses, honeysuckle… Take care of birds with available waterbaths, nesting houses, perches… Keep containers all around the garden to catch the rainwater with which you can water plants. Create a “strong” garden by not over watering your plants, much like you would train a young tree to bend with the wind, thus forcing it to grow strong. Use the water you rince your salads or other foods in the kitchen with, to water your potplants. Plant herbs to use in your cooking, for medicine, for the household. Ban chemicals from the kitchen and visit Gramma for tips on natural household products. There are info and tips all over internet and books galore on how to live as close as ecologically friendly as we can today, without going to extremes and freaking out on “bio”. Just a little effort already helps a lot.

Respect our earth, care for it and enjoy it.

Water on “earth day” – a clear brook, is my contribution to Watermarks. Drop by to see all our contributions for this day!

…a resting place for animals..

earth-day3…a resting place for humans



15 thoughts on “Earth day – respect, care and joy.

  1. A lovely way to celebrate. The flowers are done with such a delicate touch. A great way to start my morning. Thank you, and Happy Earth Day, Ronell.

  2. Oh these are just lovely, Happy Earth day, I need to go post my earthday contribution now! Your sketches are so fluid and beautfully painted, I get lost in them. But I must say that I love the painting your words create, you have such a gift of gab!

  3. How lovely to find you brush in hand again, Ronell. Beautiful flowers sparkling on the page and for a moment I can imagine myself sitting in your garden watching the birds discovering your nesting box.

    And today I cleaned the smallest room in the house with bicarb soda and vinegar as a direct result of your earth day post. 🙂

  4. What a marvelous bunch of spring images here, Ronell! I love the soft colors here and loose treatment of your subject matter. Very appealing. Some great tips there for gardeners, too–I’ll have to remember to take my water from washing salad greens and dumping it on flowers–never even thought of that. Duh! Thanks!

  5. Yes Ronelle, saying good-bye is always hard. Our children leave, our parents get frail, friends get relocated in these trying economic times. Sometimes I want to just cocoon myself in a chrysalis and keep everything safe and the same. But alas, lifee is not that way. Ronelle, it is very apparent that your friendship is a very special one (as most close friends are).
    It will go on, just differently. How blessed you are to have such a special friend. How blessed you are to have your art . Always a constant companion.

  6. I am so on the bandwagon! I spent last week putting in a vegetable/herb/flower garden. And like you I spent some time sketching it. Yours are lovely by the way. I go spend a little time each day visiting with my new plantings and seedlings. They are growing and basking in sunshine. I can’t wait to see if this turns out to be a success and we will be eating lots of good fresh vegetables this summer!

  7. Let’s hear it for earth day! Love those sketches of “resting places” Ronell– so lovely to see your paintings again.
    Garden- here I come…

  8. Ronell,

    Absolutely delightful watercolors, lyrical color and drawing! and very good advice on caring for the Earth. Every day should be earth day! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I had to delete that post, so wanted to thank you for taking the time to look.

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