18 thoughts on “To a sparkling 2009!

  1. That IS sparkling, Ronell, and feels very like a a new year’s toast. Here’s a Happy New Year to you and may there be many more lovely paintings in your future.

  2. FANTASTIC!! Sparkling — like you!!! I LOVE IT — and thank you, Ronell for your support, encouragement and friendship. I hope 2009 holds every blessing and joy for you and yours!

  3. I love the looseness of your watercolor and long to learn how to imply detail like you do without my usual anal rendering. I’m glad I found you.

  4. Sooo beautiful!! I love the girly colors!! Hee-heee 🙂 I love pinks and purples..my favorite color is burgundy! 😉
    Great Job!xo Willow 🙂

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