We’re back from Helsinki and what a wonderful city, beautiful people, delicious food. I loved every minute I was there. We landed in the snow and it was a fairytale wonderland. I walked all over, or rather ice skated all over – I can now understand why they are such great skaters…they learn it in winter on the sidewalks! At first, your steps are very careful and hesitant, arms balancing sideways like a tight rope walker, until you get the rhythm and allow your feet to slide forward…and you walk.

I visited the Atheneum museum with Finnish artists and of course loved/love the work of Albert Edelfelt, especially this Children playing on the shore. And apart from walking and taking in the beauty around me and enjoying art, getting completely lost in the dark and the snow, I ate herring and cod and salmon, warmed myself with glögi, giggled and skated even better on the sidewalks thereafter,  probed recipe books, waved to Nina in Stockholm, Sweden on the shore, and made only one sketch from the safety and warmth of the Café Engel on Senate square. Done in sketchbook with water soluble pilot pen and wash.

To see some photos, you can go here.

…helsinki cathedral on senate square…





7 thoughts on “Helsinki – there and back

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip – lovely sketches in between the skating (I have painful memories of trying that once) and beautiful food. The photos are magical!

  2. It may be only one sketch of Helsinki but it’s a beauty, Ronell! So easy to get frightened off by all the detail in such a building – but you got it just right.

    And I’ve been over looking at your beautiful food and now I’m craving fresh fish!!!!

  3. Hi Ronell! I love your sensory descriptions of your trip. And I like the way you get that hint of a wash from the water soluble pen. The cathedral is beautiful, and your strangers are full of character. Thank you for sharing them.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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