I have been absent for quite some time and after receiving some very caring emails, I thought I should at least give some explanation here. 

I’ve run into some health hiccups a while ago, robbing me of all energy and all willpower to maintain or produce any kind of act, let alone be creative. Thank you for the concern and supportive emails I’ve received from friends out there. I hope to be back with full vigour and energy soon.

…”Wanna talk?”…

And now it feels very “flat and empty” to leave on a note like this, so since I am here for a whisper of a moment behind the computer, why don’t I use the opportunity and time well and fill it with nonsense… After all, nonsense is quite a creative invention. And a very creative excuse. As well as a creative brush-off: “Oh, don’t talk such nonsense!” Probably what you’re thinking right now.

While I am here in front of the keyboard, searching for the right keys after so many weeks, and for that matter, the right words, I might as well try and do it creatively or at least then, call your bluff creatively… I’m not sure I know exactly what I’m saying, but it sounds creative to me. Like nonsense, sort of. What is nonsense? Something that doesn’t make sense….surely creative then. Doing and saying the suspected and at the last minute, adding an unsuspected twist…cunningly creative. Or speaking in utter incomprehensible sentences, or talking about things you know nothing of…defintely creative! Or to shut up someone who is actually being very creative in the use of thoughts and words and you have no clue as to what this person is saying….stupidly creative.

Once, a few years back, I was in the company of interesting people (or so I thought), around a beautifully set table, sharing a wonderful meal.  As usual, I was the listener. At some stage, the conversation turned to people and bad driving skills(is it a skill?). So I thought I had something interesting to add to this part of the conversation and so added my humble and creative opinion (?): “I think women are more inclined to use their indicators than men…” and without being given a chance to explain the science behind my madness, I was stared upon with shocked horror and brushed off with a creative missile launching: “Now the only time you open your mouth and it is to talk nonsense…?” That scarred me for life, I haven’t opened my mouth since(?) until now…  “Oh, nonsense!”

36 thoughts on “Absent

  1. Ronell — speak nonsense, chatter, rant, vent, gripe, joy, anger, laughter, giggle — whatver, just keep speaking cara .. you are so missed! Good wishes sent your way — and biggest hugs …

  2. But . . . but . . . nonsense is the right brain, imagery and intuitive skill, which provides the door to great creativity. Sense (in the meaning of logic, leftbrain precision) is all very useful, but it comes AFTER nonsense gives us the idea.

    How angry and sad I am that your dinner commentator silenced you for so long! And what a drag she was on your (starting then) future.

    I was similarly put down and silenced as a child by a teacher in one moment of authoritarian judgment–the experience kept me down for literally decades. I am now enraged for all of us who were so squashed.

  3. If you can keep your creativity – and your sense of humour – when it’s hard to lift a finger to type it out, you’ll be a woman, my child – vasbyt, Ronell – hope you’re back to full strength very soon!

  4. So sorry to hear of your troubles Ronell! I hope you are feeling better and will soon be back here in full swing. I love your art and do miss it when you are not posting. This painting is no exception. I can imagine your work like this on greeting cards or as illustrations in a book. The woman’s curly hair is the best part!!

  5. I had no idea. I’ve been trying to call you for a week now – no wonder I can never reach you. Just tried again. No luck.
    Please, please call or email if I can do anything!

  6. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Ronell. I enjoy browsing your web site and hope you’ll be ready to sketch and paint again soon. Interesting that you say “as usual I was the listener…” From your artwork, I imagine you to be extrovert and chatty!! Being a good listener is such a gift. Cats are excellent listeners!! Vasbyt from Sugar Land, Texas.

  7. You do not know me as one of your regulars, but I am a follower of the FPP and, by logical progression, your blog.
    I’m sorry you are below par. I hope the chat with the cat has helped you. It’s done wonders for me! : )

  8. Ronell, it never ceases to astound me that the sort of people who make a point of being disdainful towards wilful nonsensicality are precisely the type to talk twaddle over dinner … It seems to be some kind of cosmic law! Thank god that sanity prevails in the form of us artistic types, eh? 🙂

    Don’t know whether to smile or weep at your watercolour drawing, it’s so sweet. I hope you start feeling much better soon. Xx

  9. Oh I do hope you feel better soon – I had no idea you were feeling so down

    And you were of course absolutely correct in your remarks!

    Your work is lovely, you catch the spirit of your subjects and have real talent – don’t let ANYONE dismiss you!

  10. I love the cat and lady– they are going to be great buddies, I
    can see it coming.

    I, too, agree with what you say, here, and those persons who
    did not understand–and do not understand…well, it’s really their lost chances for enriched moments with you and with
    the rest of us who honor and promote and HAPPILY
    SPREAD “Willful Nonsensicality.” And there’s a lot of us around.

    How much your blog and sketches and paintings lift all our hearts, Ronell, and I wish there were ways that all of us (who are uplifted by what you give us ) could return those lifted hearts to you. I hope that rest will make you feel better soon.

  11. Thank you for popping in to update us, Ronell. So sorry to hear you’ve been poorly – I hope you manage to rest and recuperate your energies. I agree with all the comments about this illustration, it has loads of character and fun – even though both of them look shaky and wobbly, they seem to be having fun together.

  12. Take you time, get well, love. We will wait for you.
    Yes, I know the talking nonsense thing. Last night, coincidentally I read an article about visually spacial people and how they are divergent thinkers and can put together a whole lot of things to reach conclusions far far ahead of what the more linear thinkers can reach. It was quite revealing. As for your dinner guests – I think they were very very rude, and there is no way I would have such communication illiterate people at my place. The ability to take any comment and explore its meaning and be engaged and excited about it is the mark of a true person.

    Oh I found that article again. http://talentdevelop.com/articles/ITIPYTIW.html .

  13. Dear Ronell, I remember your telling me about that night a few months ago and I’m as angry about it today as I was then! What rudeness—AND you were right! I think women DO use their turn signals far more than men. I have lots of theories about that and similar behaviors. so why don’t you and I have a wonderful dinner party and let’s be sure and leave those awful people from long ago off of our guest list! Hang in there, buddy. You’ll get your mojo book soon.

  14. Get Well Soon cause were in the same boat although many miles away across the sea. Im having health hiccups myself and truly loved the creativity writting…….
    But even though my art is far away from being where it should be one line makes me feel hopful for the whole day…..
    Take Care

  15. Hahah, I enjoyed reading this! I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself before, but I’m Kenny and I really appreciate your works. I’ve been browsing different art blogs and all of them–including yours–have inspired me so much!

    I hope you’re getting well!
    Kenny Iyoya

  16. Nonsense to others is pure wisdom to wiser souls! And Rudeness has no excuse – I agree with Laura, we should get together and would all have a fabulous nonsensical time 😉 Your sketch Proves you are well on the mend and will be back full throttle very soon!! I had asumed you were on August Holiday?

    Get well and know we are here for you and YES you are right about women and turn indicators!! I could add to that list too!

  17. I have checked into your site any number of times to see if you are “there,” and I’m so sorry to hear the reason we didn’t see you is that you haven’t been doing well! You ARE missed. I always love seeing all your beautiful work. You are such a creative soul. As for “nonsense,” anyone who would say that is humorless and rude, anyway, so don’t even give them a second thought! LOL Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you!

  18. What a wonderful sketch to come back with! So funny, so touching, so clever. You have been greatly missed, Ronnel. I kept hitting the little subscription button I have for your blog, I was behaving like a lab. rat looking for my fix of Ronell. I thought you were just going slow in the heat as many of us have been and resisted emailing you. I won’t make that mistake again!

    You must take the break you need and we will wait because you are so worth waiting for.

  19. P.S. And you are absolutely right about Women & Indicators. It’s not nonsense at all. I even indicate in deserted Tuscan lanes because if I don’t do it automatically, I could well change lanes one day without indicating and …. well, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

  20. Dear sweet Ronell, I’m so sorry to read that your battling health issues right now. I do hope you get to feeling much better very soon. I have missed your posts. (((Hugs)))

    I am in shock at the rudeness shown you by those people at the dinner table. I’ve had situations like that too, especially in childhood, and I believe it was part of the reason I was extremely shy growing up. I was literally afraid to speak. Sometimes, I think people are so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t realise what effect their words can have on another person. Insurance statistics show that men have more accidents than women do also.

  21. Please let me add my best wishes for you also. There is such a void in the art world without your happy art. That morsel you left is wonderful!!


  22. May I add my own boooooooo, hissssss to those people who squash others… hope you’re back on your feet again soon.
    I love your sweet drawing –keep chatting with the cat–they’re great comfort creatures– don’t you think?

  23. Ronell, I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I’ve been thinking of you and send you warm wishes for a speedy recovery. As always, your energy and creativity are always inspiring! Miss you.

  24. That was excellent nonsense. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and I hope you’ll be feeling great before too long.
    Oh, and by the way, you were right.
    Women DO use their driving signals more than men. Wish I’d been at the table so many years ago to step in and clobber the clobberers.

    Cool little drawing, too.

  25. I DO hope you are feeling much better! I’ve not been “blog hopping” for a while and popped in to discover that you’ve not been active either. I’ve been battling thyroid issues for about a year and a half now and all the fatigue that goes along with it, so I definitely know exactly what you are talking about. Most days medication works pretty well, but I guess my energy level will never be what it was — and I thought I’d grow old gracefully – LOL! I so enjoy visiting your blog, it’s truly a breath of fresh air.

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