Everydbody in our exchange group had already seen this scene posted on our FPP blog, and I just wanted to add it here too.  It was my contribution in Vivien’s book a while back. She ended her drawing with a lovely, soft, perfectly drawn feather and I picked up the feather cue from her. See Lindsay‘s creative continuation from here, posted on FPP by Robyn, and unfortunately you’ll have to wait a while to see how Robyn continued…but pop in at our FPP blog – the books are getting LONG and EXCITING and VERY creative.

I have seen all of us getting looser and looser, more original, more creative, more daring, trying new materials and mediums, playing with collages, pasting and glueing, going for beautiful realisms to beautiful abstracts, pushing and challenging ourselves.

A sketchbook exchange is a wonderful way to move a bit away from what we do normally in our art, “our signature work” so to speak and try out something different, still putting our own “signature” on whatever we do…pushing the envelope. I think that when this sketchbook exchange project is done, we’ll all look back, and discover that apart from the fun we’ve had, we will have learnt new ways, techniques and  creative playing-around , grown in directions we wouldn’t otherwise have discovered…I know I will.

…a french market scene…

23 thoughts on “A french market scene.

  1. These flying pictures are absolutely wonderful – how special it must be to see everyone’s work ‘in the flesh’, so to speak, and to have one’s creativity so stimulated – would love to be involved sometime, but fear the books would get lost in our notorious P.O.!

  2. Now that’s what I call a wonderful splash of talent, Ronell. I still have the original and I’m going to have to let it go to Casey tomorrow 😦 At least now I can come back here and enjoy it again. Everyone who sees this sketch in real life falls in love with it.

    You are right about this sketchbook exchange pushing the envelope. I never know what I’m going to come up with and now, because they are all so different, I’m wondering if I have multiple style disorder 😉

  3. Fabulous pages. I’ve been following posts about these traveling sketchbooks and they will all be a wonderful treasure once they return home. I’m jealous! What a fun, creative and special endeavor.

  4. I agree 100% – it has been so much fun and made me think around ideas to continue or develop themes – or jump off with some lateral thinking …

    I love this French Market – I love France so it’ll be a wonderful reminder of happy holidays there as well as some really lovely artwork from the very talented Ronell :>) I like the way you’ve moved on with the feather and ink too :>)

    and this is in MY book!!!!!! so a big big happy smile here


  5. Hi Ronell – I’ve been meaning to leave you a comment for ages! I want to tell you how much I love browsing your web site. Your creativity and colourful easy going style are inspirational to me. The French market is beautiful – makes me long for another summer trip to France…

  6. Ronell:

    Your work is ALWAYS so beautifully loose, painterly, brilliantly done!! I JUST LOVE your pages and the way you SEE the world!!! LOVE THESE!! That market scene makes me swoon!

  7. Gorgeous! They look really as all those French markets, so full of life and colour! I like the way you gather all the colours!

  8. this is the kind of work that separates you from the crowd. I mean this in a most complimentary way; your art is exquisite. This piece stands out and is a beautiful testament to the wonderful artist that you are. I too have enjoyed this journey you are all on and a bit envious of all the fun and creativity spinning around out there! Bisous mon ami!

  9. I’ve been hoping to see more of these, Ronell. I try
    to drop in and “visit” Paris, often, with you and Casey.
    So I am so glad that you are showing more of these.
    Flying Pictures just lift my heart, not only these lovely
    and colorful paintings, but, as you said, watching the
    creativity burst forth and go singing between you all.
    When this series is completed, you will have together
    formed a memory song out of colors and images and
    fun and laughter and heart lifting moments.
    Oh…and chocolates.

  10. WOW! This is the most beautiful art I’ve seen in months! I will have to come and spend more time to appreciate your beautiful art!!

  11. These books will be superb when finished ^^! It amazes me everytime again when I see with how much creativity all of you go on and blend the previous painting with your own… so beautiful 🙂

  12. I feel the same way about “pushing the envelope” and how our Moleskine Exchange had me draw in “someone else’s shoes” so to say. What a gorgeous spread you’ve made! All that color surrounded by the black and white sketches at each end.

  13. Beautiful. I love the quill and the contrast between the monochrome of the quill and bottle and the bright colours of the market scene.
    Markets in France these days are EXPENSIVE!!! LOL

  14. I totally agree with you about the group getting looser and more experimental. It’s been wonderful participating in this group. Sorry to not be commenting. I’ve been really busy and school starts soon.

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