Now that our Flying Pictures Project is a little further down the road and everybody involved had already seen my first sketches posted on our blog FPP, AND since I don’t have much in the form of sketches to post here, AND I haven’t been around much, I thought it good to post my first sketches that were sent off in May. With my theme being “rainbow moments”, I took the first subjects that came into my view that gave me joy and this is what shaped the first two and half pages in my book that went off to Lindsay, and has just landed at Robyn.  So, four more stops, before it arrives back home.

Edited: To see Lindsay’s beautiful addition in oil pastel, see our Flying Pictures Project .

All sketches done in our handmade concertina sketchbooks with rotring pen, pencil and watercolour.

14 thoughts on “Sketchbook exchange sketches

  1. Sorry Sandy, I have it here right now and I’m not giving it up for at least a week! 😉 Don’t you love that bike? As I said Ronell, it makes me imagine you pedalling off with artistic intent. 🙂

  2. Such incredible, wonderful sketches, Ronell!! What lucky ladies to have your work in their books!!!!!! BRAVA! I can’t chose a favorite — I LOVE THEM ALL!

  3. I love your painting style–always so loose and charming. I really like the things you included, too, like that faucet just makes me smile. Wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog, too–I always enjoy a visit to yours.

  4. These are just joyous, Ronell, so much character in every line and splash – what a wonderful – and whimsical, as Bill says, project this is…

  5. My, you’ve been busy… I love the sun-speckled look of these paintings…..and I especially love that ladder with the lanterns…. fabulouso!

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