I can only sleep 4 hours a night and if I’m lucky, I’ll reach 6. Thus being awake at 4:30 this morning, I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat in front of the computer(where I have a comfy swivel leather chair) and felt like doing just some ink sketches.  I like the line and especially contourwork of José who prefers more and more to put just ink on paper. And I’ve always admired Suzanne, who is a magician with pen and line. See also nice ink work from Genine (who gets beautiful detail in her inkwork), Gabi (who is using some washes lately, but his inkwork stands so well on its own!), Joan (who does great cross hatching), Nina(see her post ” 30 minutes by a zeba crossing…I can’t link to it) Anita (who can just do about anything!) and Casey (who has always loved penwork and adds just that slightest watercolor wash),  Bambi (who has the steadiest hand with ink I have ever seen!), Anna (who does such delicate linework),  from time to time Claudia does great sketches from the garden outside her office in ink, you’ll have to browse her blog) Dave’s ink sketches(beautiful!), Deb‘s interesting line work, France‘s stunning drawings, Judi‘s ink lines filled with spirit and not forgetting the amazing work of Russell Stutler. There are so many many inksketchers out there from whom I draw inspiration when it comes to inkwork…

All these sketches were directly done in ink in moleskine.  I just chose different things that I could see from my swivel chair.


Ink and moleskine(cross hatching)


Ink and moleskine(contour)


Ink, graphite and stump, (because it was lying around on the desk) in moleskine

6 thoughts on “Inksketches

  1. This is way too weird!! I’ve taken an ink drawing turn, too, since even before the exhibit at Clermont-Ferrand! I decided a few weeks ago to pick up the pen again, just to shake myself out of old habits—and seeing all the fantastic penwork at the biennale really added to my resolve. How synchronistic to see you doing the same thing!!! I’m really most interested in dip pens and reed pens and bamboo pens because I want to be able to make sensuous lines, the way I can with my 8b pencils. I’m excited about trying all of it, though! Your sketches are beautiful and I love your enthusiasm, which I share!

  2. Great post. I have started this type of drawing before … got stuck right away because my desk is usually a big mess and I just couldn’t find a place to start…… you make it look easy.

  3. OH these are FABULouS!!!! And what is it? Is it in the air about ink? My mushrooms, too??? LOL Keep it up Ronell — I ADORE ink and wash!

  4. There is something so rewarding about ink. Once you lay it down, there it is! These are wonderful sketches Ronell! You’ve captured what I love most about it … the delicateness achieved from a pen in a skilled hand. 🙂

  5. Grr, my comment didn’t take the first time! – wonderful sketches and really good links – thank you for sharing. And I blush to be included in such talented company – thank you!

  6. Oh….thank you so much for the compliment. I can’t begin to tell you how much you and the other bloggers you’ve mentioned inspire me on a daily basis. I am so, so thankful for this community!

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