After meeting Nina in Stockholm the Sunday evening, I took to the streets the next day. Unfortunately she couldn’t join me, since she had students waiting for her…why does work always interfere with pleasure? But she did give me directions to art stores which I had a ball visiting and buying some paints and “stuff”. I love small art shops, where you dig for everything. It is a little like treasure hunting. Because Nina’s work looks so beautiful with Schmincke and lately Laura and Bec had done marvelous work with them, I also wanted to try them. And so in this little treasure store I was given free reigns to the Schmincke drawers by the cute store owner. So cute that he even had me pay “old-method-swipe-credit-card-machine-way” because I didn’t have enough cash AND he even threw in a very nice colour catalogue.

Here are some architecture drawings of Stockholm, inspired by Nina’s love for her city. The day was too short to my liking and evening draped itself around me too suddenly but quite pleasantly, as is the case in Stockholm with all its tea lights and candles burning.

I gave these sketches watercolour washes back at the hotel, while waiting for Hartman to go out for dinner – a HIGHLIGHT every evening; I love having people serve me!

If ever I felt stupid in life, this would be one of those times; the first sketch is done in Schmincke and the other two in Winsor and Newton, which I mostly use in sketching. I have been comparing up and down, but don’t see (or feel) the difference between Schmincke and W&N. If anything, my first sketch looks messy and opaque(with Schmincke). Or maybe I was over zealous in playing around with it, which is probably closer to the truth. I’ll have to experiment a little more.

If you’re interested in knowing about these buildings and history and architecture and all things nice about Stockholm, you can google it. I am enjoying my glass of Bordeaux wine too much now to be accurate in factual recounting. What I can tell you, is that Stockholm is a magical city, I love it and my memories are magical.

All my sketches in Stockholm were done in my special WC sketchbook, with Fabriano WC paper; handmade by Marta. I am inspired to try my hand at making my own, I never knew working in a handmade book could give so much satisfation and delight, not to mention pride.


See Nina’s very different approach to this second sketch.



21 thoughts on “Stockholm sketches 2

  1. Oh they are beautiful!!!! I am happy you are enjoying your new sketchbook. I made them for you, Casey and Robyn with love and expectation that one day they would be filled with art work from my favorite artists! I see it’s happening!
    I too don’t see the difference but am curious about trying them as well. Maybe an excursion to one of my fav art shops is due!
    As for my favorite it’s the last sketch with the clear blue sky and bright yellow building! I am loving seeing everyone’s work on this new large screen…what I’ve been missing!

  2. I love every one of these! And I also like Nina’s more precise line of the same building! I realize more and more that I love arxhitecturally complex buildings and you’ve both done fabulous sketches.

    We stayed in Old Town (Gamla Stan) when we visited Stockholm more than a decade ago – and it was Midsummer’s Night. I can’t even imagine the difference in the city in December.

  3. Wow – these are amazing, and it’s wonderful to get the chance to see two different artists’ visions of the same scene. I love the idea of the two of you meeting up to draw together, I’m hoping I’ll get to do the same thing someday.

  4. Gosh Ronell! —beautiful job on each of these! I love how your buildings have such depth and weight. –the spatters in the tree on the second are delightful.

    I just got a case of Schmincke (cakes) for my birthday, and have really noticed a difference. Of course I had been using REALLY old ( like 20 year old) Grumbacher Academy liquid tubes, so maybe that’s why! I haven’t tried W&M so I can’t compare, but the Schmincke are really intense compared to what I was using!

    Enjoy your trip and your handmade sketchbook!

  5. What a wonderful trip you had! Nina, sketching, art stores…doesn’t get any better than that. The last building is my favorite also but I love all of these.

  6. First off, thanks for the link to Nina’s version of the building (won’t even try to spell it right from memory!) It’s sooo fun to see through both your eyes simultaneously – like having a conversation with 2 fabulously compelling people you totally agree with, even though they both have completely different opinions. Second – WOW! Your sketches are fabulous! The colors and the loose way you handle the paint – it’s all so vibrant and full of life. I love seeing the way you look at the world Ronell.

  7. These sketches are so charming. I’m so envious of my EDM friends who are jet-setting around, visiting each other. On the other hand, I’m also quite content in my own lovely little corner of the world. Your sketches make me want to get back to my ink and watercolor — yours are quite magical!

  8. These are just glowing with color, Ronell! Makes a person want to go to Stockholm – and when I saw Nina’s version I knew I wanted to go. It’s great to see things through your eyes – you always make them magical.

  9. Well, I have to say, Ronell, Schmincke or W&N doesn´t seem to matter in your case – the colours are simply glowing whatever you use! I love how you captured these buildings, and it is so cool to see how you treat the stuff that inspires me so much. Wonderful.
    I think you should all get to Stockholm during summer, so I have time off to take you around town sketching! Now, wouldn´t that be something? 🙂

  10. How lucky you are to work in a handmade sketchbook by Marta.
    And to travel to Stockholm! I love the middle painting. Great use of the water part of watercolor. loose and alive!

  11. Hi! I am trying to decide if finding Katherine T. on the internet was a healthy discovery for me. I have now found so many wonderful artist it is such a powerful emotion with all the styles.
    I saw your portrait. I can do the same thing. My hair is very long after allowing it to grow for the last two years and restore it to its natural color. I only colored it at the age of 50.
    I am not cutting it until my son is home from Iraq. Last time, I cut it in Germany. It took them 3hours to make the cut. I kept one thin strand and gave the other 3 to a woman whose brother was dying from cancer. Someone actually stole the hair from the charity- Must have been the politicians. I have since been told, they do not want Gray or multi colored hair. Surely, there is some gray haired people that would like a natural wig. Your description sounds very much like my Mother. Dark complexion, Black natural curly hair, Gray eyes.
    All of the work I have seen is just wonderful. I got to sketch in Amsterdam several years ago. I want to go back and do some serious sketching again.

  12. Beautiful sketches, Ronell! The one with the tree I like the most! – I, too, would very much like to see your sketches once in original – and sketch with you!- Maybe some day!
    Kind regards from

  13. Boy, I can’t help but being jealous looking at your beautiful sketches of your beautiful surroundings. I wish I was there with you….but alas, thanks for sharing it with me.

  14. In the hands of a true artist even the cheapest paints look great and that’s the case here. Charming, charming pictures, Ronell and I was transported to that little art shop with the nice man and the drawer full of Schmincke paints.
    It’s always a treat when you post. And I bet I’m not the only one who hits the bookmark to your blog almost every day, like a little hampster in a cage, just in case there’s another treat 😉

  15. I’ve been following the posts on various websites regarding the Schmincke paints with interest. Honestly, I always thought the colors in paintings done by you, Casey and Laura had beautifully clear, vibrant colors BEFORE you started using the new paints, so I’m not seeing the difference…or perhaps, my color eye is not as good as everyone else’s. Lovely use of color, Ronell!

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