To Hawaii

I am joining Hartman on a trip to Hawai, leaving tomorrow morning. Except for the looong flight, I’m looking forward to it. I am bit tired…could it be that summer was too much fun?

I don’t have anyhting to really post on Africantapestry. Apart from being tired and fatigued , I’m in a creative slump. The last thing I did, was the sketches in the previous post. Since then I scribbled a little bit for my recipes on Myfrenchkitchen, but they are nothing more than doodles. I hope to revive some creative energy in Hawai, so the sketching palette will travel along.

the packing and cleaning up and dinner are awaiting me, so I’m leaving you with a sketch I did for a friend a while back, and now it also serves as my greetings here – until October: Stay well, keep creating and make the most of the season you’re in!

…trying to get to Hawaii…

trying to get to Hawai