I’m not making the same mistake as with the poppies. The sunflowers are out and I’m ALL over them with eyes brushes and lenses!

I’m posting one or two photo’s here and you can see all the rest of the sunflowers here.

For those who don’t have access to sunflower fields or who are stuck in cities or those who want to work in their atelier, I invite you to download any of these photos and PAINT it, or SKETCH it, or DRAW it. If you want a photo bigger than 500 x 333(what they are posted in here), drop me a note and I can send it to you in bigger format.  BUT PLEASE! these photos are only for those who want to draw or paint it! For any other purposes, feel free to ASK me…I can be a very nice person!

I am off to the sunflower fields myself tomorrow with my easel and paint and will hopefully turn up with something worthy of the sunflower’s exuberance!


…sunflowers to paint and sketch…

sunflowers 1sunflowers 2sunflowers 4sunflowers 11sunflowers 19sunflowers 24sunflowers 6sunflowers 17sunflowers 13sunflowers 12sunflowers 9

26 thoughts on “Sunflowers in France – to sketch and paint

  1. How glorious – I’ve seen fields like this driving through the Free State for years, always wished we could stop and record them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh!! These are magnificent flowers, Ronell and your photos are stunning! Such interesting perspectives and close-ups.

    Thank you for sharing such sunny photos. Very much appreciated as I’m listening to the rain drumming down on our sky light.

  3. Ronell, I have been meaning to comment on several of your recent postings. I loved the plein aire work you posted from your time at your new house. All of the paintings were so beautiful. I dream of some day making the time and committment to go out in nature and paint. If my results end up half as good as yours I will be thrilled.

    I also enjoyed reading your new blog. You are an adventurous couple and I look forward to reading about the progress you make at your new property.

    Now you have posted these lovely, fabulous sunflower photos and invited us to share! I have never seen a field of sunflowers (or poppys for that matter) but now it will go on my “Things I Really Want to See/Do During My Life” list. I had better live a very long time because that list gets longer every day. 😀

    Thanks for sharing your art and life with us here Ronell. I always look forward to your posts.

  4. What a super offer, Ronell! Thankyou, from a sunflower-starved southern winter…I was playing around with one of my miserable sketches the other day. These have just the exuberance I need to kick my tail into gear.

  5. Oh, wow, Ronell, how beautiful!!! I can almost feel the sun, as I sit here watching the rain on a cold, gray, summer day in Maine.
    I enjoyed your sketches and thoughts about doing something, or anything and everything all at the same time! Right now, I am off to do something and nothing, I think…


  6. Oh, these are so beautiful! I love the way you’ve caught one of the bee flying towards a flower. And those wonderful blue/yellow contrasts! They make me very happy just looking at them. Have fun painting!

  7. Oh my friend, trés joli! I planted a few seeds and now have a few growing in my graden. They are lovely!!! I better get out there with eyes and lenses soon! Oh, yes, of course, a paintbrush also!

    I am happy to see you are enjoying your summer. I have been traveling but am now happy to be home again. Time to get busy and begin a new art project i think!

    bisous, marta

  8. My, my you have been very productive in your mountain retreat! These fresh sketches and BEAUTIFUL flowers cheer me no end. A really lovely, soulful visit. Happy painting.

  9. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures! I’ve downloaded them for painting purposes…..what a wonderful reference collection!–Carol C.


  11. WOW! THanks Ronell. What a beautiful set of sunflower photos! can’t wait to see your paintings… I may try a few myself! I love the ones with the bugs!

  12. the one an only time i passed by such fields we whizzed by so fast that all my camera caught was just a blur! these are absolutely wonderful! thank you for sharing. i intend to take you up on your offer and have downloaded a couple. thanks again.

  13. Hi Ronell – I see that you’ve been very busy with your various blogs and painting/cooking/remodeling! I took a look at all of your sites and they are all wonderful. I like your food blog and your mountain cabin looks great. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Thanks for posting these pics of sunflowers.

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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