Quietude with Rodin

When walking around in Paris the other day with a few hours on my hand to kill, I passed by the Museé Rodin and seeing I haven’t been for years, I thought a visit would be worth it.  After a while I felt the quiet and calm so inspiring that I only attempted 2 sketches. The rest of my time was spent just enjoying. The gardens are so beautiful and it is worth it to spend the entrance fee only for a coffee at the garden retaurant, walking the grounds, watching the gardeners fiddle in the beds and simply devoting yourself to the quietude on a garden bench . Sometimes being calm and serene in the presence of greatness teaches you loads more than being frantically busy absorbing!

I appreciate the quiet of art. It doesn’t have to boast, “turn up it’s volume”, or shout out its impact to attract attention, Good art just stands quietly on it’s own podium, much like Rodin’s sculptures. We have to only look at it closely to discover it’s hidden charisma and lively spirit.

The morning spent in the presence of Rodin inpired me to try some new directions one of which is sculpture…I was once(as a child..) VERY good at sandcastle building…even won a prize! Who knows, this might just be my real calling? But for now, here are my attempts at sketches of Rodin’s quiet, but magnificent sculptures…

Done in moleskine with pen.