Sketching a kiwi salad…with confusing creativity.

Statistics show more and more that creativity can be one of Alzheimers’s biggest enemies. And I’ve also read that the more confused a person is, the more creative he/she is. I’m in one huge slump…again. And very confused. Which means I’m very creative. Which also means I might just escape Alzheimers… But then I’ve also read that vitamin E may be linked to lung cancer if taken in too high dosages, but we take vitamin E for its anti oxidant properties? So, I’m simply confused. And still in a slump. With not a creative link in sight.

Because I do want to fight off Alzheimers, I did try to do something creative; tried it food wise, stay away from art for a while, but the urge was too strong and I did move over from the knife to the brush, and it seems I did to the paper with my brush what I did to the kiwi with the knife… See the result on the plate if you’re interested in a more optimistic view on creativity.