SA chronicles 3 – animal small talk

On the restaurant terrace of Spier, wine estate outside Stellenbosch….. 


“So what are you hanging around here for, Mrs duck? You belong on the beautiful lake out there, not here with the people, this isn’t your place…”

“Well, I’m fed here, all kinds of goodies and I like it, so why not? You enjoy it out here on the terrace with your cheesecake, why can’t I…. and don’t be so selfish with it by the way, share some!  See the German tourists over there? No selfishness at that table!”

“No, you can’t have cheesecake. I’m a human, this is what we humans do. You’re an animal, a duck, you don’t eat cheesecake and you don’t belong on a terrace. And by the way, where are your ducklings?”

“Oh, smarten up! We’re not in the Middle Ages any more! And my ducklings are fine, they’re in good hands.  They’re with the nanny. I need my own space too, you know!”

At Dassiesfontein roadstall, in the Cape Overberg


“Oeehh! Fancy tools you have there! I hope you know how to use it? I’m so tired of all these tourists showing up here, wanting to take my picture with their little phones and their little instamatics , clicking away with one hand and waving the other at me, like I’m some kind of dumn ass….and then they expect me to come closer and pose and smi…..wowieee, what’s that? A carrot!! OK, here you have it, Sweetie, my good side just for you!  Wanna smile too? Happy?  Now, about that carrot…??”

 On the farm at Vredenheim wine estate, outside Stellenbosch….


“Hellooo there…! Haven’t I seen you here before? Aha, now I remember, you were here last year. Actually, you’re here every year! Don’t you have a home? Mmm…, come to think of it, you bring back bad memories. You were standing here last year, watching as they took away my baby and you just did nothing! Now you’re expecting  me to be welcoming? Well, inshort, you’re disturbing me right now! As you can see, it’s lunchtime around here. So, make an appointment for later, I’ll consider seeing you then…” 

In the large living room of Vredenheim’s farmhouse….


“These humans can really eat! And just look at them!! Gmf…you would never see a fat gemsbok!”

“Yeah, unfortunately we can only watch from up here now, we’ve had our chips, should’ve stayed with the pack that day! ”

” Well, I don’t complain too much. I have a nice spot on the wall and since my horns are spectacular, I’m constantly admired. And I deserve it too, I’ve worked very hard keeping these horns in tip-top shape!”

“Aargh, shut up! Just because you’re the famous kudu doesn’t mean you’re better than us!”

“Oh, don’t mind him. He’s just arrogant, so typical of the youth today…! I may only be an ugly old wildebeest, but boy, when we’re on a stampede, there’s no stopping us! We’re famous for it in the Serengeti! Ohh, how I remember those carefree years…..sigh!”

Sketches done on site in pen or pencil and watercolour added later, sketchbook 19x25cm.

….to be continued.