Sketching a cave in Montlouis sur Loire

I am trying my best to get my life organized. There is a lot going on now and it seems there isn’t enough time-slots to fit it all into. It is exciting. One of the most exciting events waiting, is my trip to South Africa in February. And then a big excitement…my watercolour palette is in the mail(just in time for my trip), which I’ve been waiting for since last year October!! I will show and tell all about it when it arrives. Along with that, I am busy making my own watercolour sketchbooks, with Marta‘s help by email! Since the first brushstroke I gave in her handmade sketchbook last year, I knew I wouldn’t experience that contentment in a bought sketchbook again. In the meantime I have studied and read a lot, ordered all my bookmaking stuff and I’m ready. First I dreaded it and now that I know a little more, I’m looking forward to it. I will post that as well as soon as my first book is done. And I then also have an appointment to discuss exhibition(a tiny little one♥♥…), which has my knees all jello, partly because of excitement, but mostly it is because of fear and self doubt!


In the meantime, I had a cancelled trip today and I sat in the sitting roomwith a coffee earlier, looking at our cliff at the back and thought the cave could be an interesting sketch. This is typical of our region, la Touraine… a lot of caves which the winemakers use for winemaking and cellars and people literally still live in the caves. Parts of their houses go into the mountaincliffs. Troglodytes (cave-dwellers, says the dictionary) They are well-lit, dehumidified, heated and very interesting! All along the Loire, you will see these Caves, (winecellars) and the houses attached to the cliffs. It makes for very interesting and different scenery and a sketcher’s dream I should think, which makes me wonder why I haven’t sketched it yet? Rochecorbon, Vouvray, Vernou, Montlouis sur Loire(my town) – it is on my list for when the weather allows….and my sketchbook is done! There is nothing going on in this cave of ours. It is deep and dark and narrow, swerving all the way into the moutain and joins up with our neighbour’s, winding further and then stops somewhere. Rotring pen(.25) and watercolour in moleskine.