I am really enjoying the ink sketches. I feel liberated in just picking up a pen and just letting it rip without thinking about perspective or depth or realism or truth or good or bad or right or wrong! On the contrary, I feel inspired and creative, and this is a wonderful exercise for me, just letting my hand and the pen flow. My sketches are very wonky(not attractive wonky), real wonky, but for now I’m ecstatic about them. As it turns out, Laurawas also bitten  by the “ink-bug”, so keep an eye open for her upcoming ink-posts, which sound full of promise.

Today(1st of December) is our first day of “celebrating” the festive season here at home. It is the “official” decorating day, switching on the fairy lights, start burning our special Christmas candle, listening to Christmas music and ending the day with a special dinner by candlelight. I did some pen sketches of some candle holders, mostly holding tea lights. We light candles every evening, starting from 17:00.

These were done in my moleskine, which is full of watercolour splotches, so I thought I should just worsen it with a few shakes of my ink-pot lid, and now I like it. It is a bit overdone, because I first tried with the brush-pen, which made too fine a spray for my liking.



In this week’s figure drawing class, I decided beforehand I was going to WORK!! I wanted to use many different mediums, which was a bit ambitious. In the one and two-minute drawings I tried changing mediums in-between poses, causing me to fall behind and stress etc. But I did succeed getting a few ink ones down. It was a great class, I enjoyed it and however chaotic and unorganized my methods were, I enjoyed working in different mediums. I will continue doing it in future. I did some drawings in graphite sticks, charcoal, pen, sanguine, conté, pit artist pen, brush-pen, pencil and I finished with a pen and WC.

Two one minute sketches and the last is two minutes, all of them in Staedtler pigment liner # 5 on sketchpad.dsc_0004.jpg



7 thoughts on “Fun with ink

  1. I love obsession! It’s great you are obsessed with ink, Ronell – it’s one of my favourite mediums. I’m trying to resist asking my daughter to buy me a Lamy pen for Christmas – I already have three fountain pens! Not to mention a whole collection of dip pens and pigments of various sorts. But I’m obsessed with the Lamy because other people do such wonderful things with it.
    Love your candles and your figure sketches are tremendous – particularly that first one. I’m about to be tossed out of my studio by the painters so I might just take my pen and moleskine with me – don’t ask me ‘where?’ because there isn’t one untouched room in the whole place!

  2. Wonderful movement in these – I especially like the top one! And you’ve already started decorating for Christmas – wow. I’ll be lucky to get started before the kids come home from college… I’ll try to post my drawings from life class tomorrow too – it’s more trouble for large formats that don’t fit on the scanner.

  3. Working in different medium brings different perspective in your art. Keep on venturing, Ronell. Your lovely works bring much joy to others.

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