Art afternoon with Casey

We had art afternoon yesterday – catching up, drinking coffee, eating “organic” cookies, solving all problems; political and religious, laughing at weird people, laughing harder at ourselves, ending in the kitchen with a cup of rooibosch tea, then Casey took off in her brandnew ecofriendly car and I was just plain lazy.  Good news was, I didn’t have to fuss about dinner! Since Hartman went back to SC for the whole month of October, I’m off the hook. I got a good tip from Marta, so I stocked up on cereal this morning. I now have dinner until the end of October.

Some garden drawings and sketches I did yesterday afternoon with Casey…see the wonderful sketches she did…”a la Casey”. (I’m not sure she has posted them yet, but I hope this will push her to put them up,  they are so good!)

Fountain…this is my pride in my garden, the gargoyle originates from the 10th century, from the chateau de Chauvigny, and Hartman turned it into a fountain as a birthday gift for me… how lackluster would my life be without him…;  WC and pen on Fabriano HP, 23 x 30,5 cm (9 x 12″)


Urn in the herb garden; graphite in moleskine

The last apple on the Espalier; graphite and sepia in moleskine.